The post was getting too long so I had to make it in two parts, sorry about that. Let’s continue with the SEO myths.

One of the SEO myths that really gets me angry is when so called SEO gurus say to optimize for Google and the other search engines will follow. To bust this myth I will just tell you to check if your favorite sites that are first in Google are also first in Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. You will see that this is not necessarily so, you need to respect other search engines or you will lose on a considerate amount of traffic.

SEO Myth

SEO Myth

Guaranteed rankings in SERP. When you hear that line run for your money. No one can guarantee the rankings, yes, professional and well known SEO firms will definitely get you to the first page in 99% of the cases, but at the same time you will not hear these words from a respected and professional SEO firm.

Speaking of SEO firms I need to add something, this is not an SEO myth but a warning to shameless scammers. You will hear and read plenty of shameless promotions where some SEO firm claims to be a Google verified SEO company, or partner with Google. There are those who are, this is very easy to check, all you have to do is click on this link and see if the company is listed.

Since Google started their personalization rankings there have been a lot of rumors going around, and there a myth was created. Since each of us will see results differently based on our browsing history and our preferences someone not so smart suggested that now there can’t be a site that is number one in Google for a certain keyword. This is wrong, it is true that we see search results differently, but those are slight differences, in 99% of the cases the top 10 will be the same. Unless you visit some site too often, then that site might pop up in the top 10.

Adding your site to hundreds of search engine directories will help your rankings. Wrong again, unless we are talking about a localized SEO campaign and we submit a domain to local web directories that won’t help you much. Local campaigns add your website to a few local and related directories, but hundreds of directories have no meaning whatsoever.

SEO toolbars showing page rank in your browser are 100% accurate. This is not a lie but there is more to it. Although a good plugin for your browser will show the correct PR it can’t show the 100% accurate result as they are not meant to do that. They show the basic PR, but there are differences between different sites with same PR. These slight differences or big differences know only search engines and people that specialize in this field. But a PR6 site may be very close to the PR5 threshold or the opposite, very close to PR7 threshold, their authority and quality differ. But in the end these plugins are helpful and I strongly advise people to use them.

Someone long ago said that getting .edu or .gov site backlinks will put you in the top ranks. Well, I don’t know even where to begin with this one. First, the reason why backlinks from such site can be good is simply because these sites are high PR sites, simple as that, they are authority sites, so any similar site that is a .com .net or .info will have the same effect. Plus, it can’t put you in the top ranks, one link doesn’t have the power to do that, nor do ten for that matter. And of course, more and more are these links not considered important by search engines because there is no relation between a school and educational website pointing to a weight loss blog. After all, search engines are getting smarter, thank God for that, and the value related links.

These are the most common found SEO myths online, there are plenty more, but I will not end it here I will also warn you of some stupid mistakes people involved in SEO believe or make during their SEO days. Now the one that really annoys me is when an SEO guru or SEO expert claims to have figured out a key tactic to number one place in Google. How many newsletters and emails you get with a similar topic, number one place in Google revealed, Google exposed, Google is broken… there is no such thing as one tactic or one simple routine that will skyrocket your rankings, this is an ongoing job and you have to put effort into it. The closest thing I saw to a key tactic for a top ranking in Google was from a guy telling you to find a micro niche with no more than 20,000 search results. Well, with 20,000 search results I can rank in top 10 in 3 days for most, that is not a challenge, challenge is finding such a niche that will actually make you money!

Also a great mistake of many SEO beginners and the greatest lie of some SEO experts are single SEO book promotions. In the first case scenario people claim to know SEO after reading one book, which was probably outdated by the time it got out, but nevertheless, one book can’t cover everything about SEO as SEO keeps changing. In the second scenario SEO experts promote an SEO book like it is an SEO bible that is 100% bulletproof.

To sum everything up, there is plenty of misinformation on the net, and SEO beginners are making things worse by promoting them without exploring further. Some people are slow learners, but that is exactly one more reason to check other resources, so again, like I promised, here is a list of blogs and websites I personally use to get some feedback, updates and general SEO info. I hope you can agree that we covered plenty of SEO myths and I hope you learn something from this.

PS. Feel free to double check this info on other sites 🙂

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