I’m guessing anyone that has been interested in SEO had to hear an SEO myth or two. Maybe you didn’t know that was a myth, a lie, a legend, a thing told by the self proclaimed gurus promising number one ranks with their secret method. Honestly, I’m getting pretty tired answering the same questions and exposing some well known truths like they are hidden from the rest of us.

Why is it hard for people to search something in Google and do a bit of research and not just stick to the first page they open and think they found a gold mine full of trustworthy info, like something that was written in stone? Just because someone wrote it doesn’t mean it’s true, maybe I’m just rambling on and lying to you right now or intend to. Use your heads and do your own research, don’t believe everything you hear or read, if it is consistent info then you might be onto something, but if three pages say a different thing about one topic then you should investigate some more. In the end, there are a few authority websites that you can trust 99% of the time, so use them as a reference when looking into some info, no matter the topic or the niche. At the end of the post I will provide you with the list of my SEO related websites and blogs I constantly use to investigate some information or just to stay updated.

SEO Myths

SEO Myths

I know my rant is getting a bit long, but before I get to SEO myths I need to say that the motivation for this post was inspired by my activity on HubPages. I am very active there, and in the last week alone I have come across dozen of hubs that give out false information about SEO and internet marketing in general. So the first two SEO myths I’m going to clarify, I won’t use the word expose as this is not a secret, are the most common ones I found on HubPages.

The first SEO myth is the famous Google ban. Can Google ban my site for using black hat SEO, my site was banned by Google what should I do, don’t do that or you will get banned by Google! There is no such thing as being banned by Google. You can get penalized and moved back at the bottom of the SERP if you use black hat SEO techniques, and it will be hard as hell to get back to where you were or top that, but it can be done. In other words, avoid black hat SEO and you won’t have to deal with Google’s penalties, but you won’t get banned from Google or the SERP, which is a misconception number one and one of the most common SEO myths on the net.

The second SEO myth is getting a link from a PR8 domain that will skyrocket your rankings. We all know that such a link is of value, but not if it comes from a PR0 page. Think about it, the only way to get PR8 link is to have your link on the homepage of that site, can you do that? If you can let me know how, I would love to get one. I recently read a hub with a title something like 13 free backlinks from high PR sites. The guy is suggesting creating profiles on those websites and then you will have 13 powerful PR upgraded links that will skyrocket you into the top rankings, fail! That is not possible as Google doesn’t give weight to profile links at all. The domain has authority, which will count for something, but if that is all it takes to rank high in the SERP we would all have number one ranking, wouldn’t we?

Don’t let your PR juice flow out, that will lower your page rank and your rankings. If I was a DM (Dungeon Master) I would do a secret roll and kill the character who said this because his intelligence score is way below the level of a plant! There is no such thing as letting your PR juice flow out and lowering your PR, your website is not a water pump!

On the account of PR one of the most spread SEO myths is that high PR sites have reserved top rankings. If that is true, then how come there are bunch of PR0 and PR1 websites dominating the SERP? PR does give the site authority and it can be easier to get ranking, but it is not a guarantee.

Do follow vs no follow links, I explained that already so I will just address the “no follow links are useless” myth. Let’s just say that you are losing plenty if you think this is true, not only Yahoo and other search engines will be ignored, but Google follows certain no follow links, more on that in my future posts.

Homepage must be updated daily. Load of BS, how many websites are out there in the top rank with 2 year old homepage? Yes it is good to update every once in a while, but home page is just a homepage; you should update your site regularly, that is true, but that doesn’t apply to your homepage.

Optimization of the site is complete. Another myth, although there are some certain things that can be completed with on page seo and most of the times don’t need to be updated, the off page seo is ongoing as long as you have a site. If this was an over and done routine then once you get to number 1 you have nothing to worry about right, wrong, you still have competition and you still have to fight for that position, so seo is an ongoing process that can never be fully completed.

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