Main Practical SEO Website Redsign

Starting 15 minutes from now we will begin the redesign of our main website www.practicalseo.orgThis is just the first part of our website upgrade, as soon as we finish redesigning our business pages we will start with blog redesign to make it the same as the business pages. We ask for your … Continue reading

Bin Laden Posts Terrorise Facebook

Guest Post: Andrew Parker is a freelance journalist and copywriter for Intaforensics on the topics of online security, social media and computer forensics Newspapers (and their modern online versions – this is the 21st century) are rammed full of information about a certain … Continue reading

Google + 1 Simplified

Those of you a little intolerant to technical jargon and mathematical algorithms may be forgiven for thinking that Google +1 should be left to the ‘experts’ to understand.  However the concept is not too dissimilar from one most of us have become accustomed to – ‘like’ and … Continue reading