One thing I can say with 100% certainty is that GoDaddy is one of the worst hosting providers on the net. That is when it comes to their service; one thing that they are really good at is marketing. I mean you have to be a wizard in order to get such a lame service so highly praised and so popular. I worked in the cPanel, I had to deal with GoDaddy support and I can say it clearly, stay away, you will be better off with a no name hosting company than in the clutches of GoDaddy. Really people, that is my honest opinion, my choices of hosting are DreamHost and Hostgator.

At the moment I am using DreamHost hosting service for 90% of my blogs and websites. The reason is simple, on DreamHost I pay one price, there are not 10 prices for 10 various packages and limitations on bandwidth, storage etc… You pay one price for the entire year and you have everything you need without the hidden fees that most hosting companies like GoDaddy will use. I mean GoDaddy advertises like one of the cheapest hosting companies, but their cheapest hosting plan wouldn’t feed one of my blogs with enough bandwidth or storage for that matter.

So what do I like so much about DreamHost hosting service, hmm, let see:

–    They offer one price for unlimited disk storage, bandwidth, and tons of other features
–    They have a great customer support which is very important, I always add a special value to any company in any field based on their customer service
–    Easy to use panel, not like cPanel, I am talking extra easy even for beginners
–    Non commercial hosting company. Yes, unlike GoDaddy or even Hostgator, DreamHost is not as commercial, they offer a valuable service and they know their customers will always be back and recommend them so there is no need for them to advertise. The only advertising they get is from guys like me that like their service.

What I don’t like about DreamHost hosting company? To tell you the truth, I still haven’t found it. This is my second year with DreamHost and so far I can’t see myself under a different hosting, what can I say, I fell in love.

On the other hand I used to use Hostgator hosting a lot in the past, the only thing I use Hostgator at the moment is their reseller hosting. I provide some low level hosting service for friends and locals here in Serbia. But, that is not because they are bad, the reason why I switched was because I never liked cPanel to begin with, felt more easier with DreamHost at the moment and I never looked back, but 99% of my experience with Hostgator was great.

One thing everyone loves about Hostgator hosting is the fact that they offer one of the highest quality hosting services with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage for the lowest price. That is why I got on board in the first place. I mean $5 a month for hosting is a joke, especially when all other companies offer limited bandwidth and storage for that price. And the other alternatives for that price you will most likely find are no where near the quality of the service Hostgator hosting provides!

One thing I don’t like about their cheapest hosting is the fact that you don’t have unlimited number of domains, which you do with DreamHost. If you want unlimited number of domains on your hosting you need to go with their $8 plan, and there they tie with DreamHost and there my speech ends. But for those that don’t intend to host more than one domain on a hosting plan Hostgator is great for that price, but again, who would want to put a limit on one domain per hosting? If you are looking for a great reseller hosting or VPS hosting, well that is another story and I recommend Hostgator hosting company with all my heart.

If you want to sign up for DreamHost I have a special PROMO code, my personal promo code that you can use to get $47 off the first year hosting or $67 off two year hosting, in other words, if you use my promo code “ZAR13” your first year hosting will cost only $72.40 or $6 a month and if you go for the two year hosting it will cost you $147.80 or $6.12 per month for unlimited hosting and storage, plus unlimited domains.

On the other hand I can’t offer such a discount on Hostgator hosting, the max I can get is $9.94 off of any hosting plan you choose if you enter my Promo code “practicalseo”.

I hope this helps, personally if you plan on making a long term investment into your online business DreamHost hosting is your best choice in my opinion. Of course, this is based on the hosting services I used, so that doesn’t mean that there aren’t better hosting companies out there. As far as I know there might be an even better offer, so shop around, read other reviews, never stop in one place and take their word on it, especially if you see promo codes like here! That means that I get a little bit of something if you sign up, heh. To make a better choice you might want to read my article VPS or Dedicated Sever.