For a long time Google has been pushing personalization in the SERPs, so you either go with it and benefit from that or die with the old IM and SEO methods. To put it simply for the novices in the IM world, what our friends share on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social networks influences the search engine results we see, but not just that, our own circle has a great influence on what of our shares and posts people will see in the SERPs and where.

When we publish a post, share it on the social networks we are active on that post gets shared by others, hopefully plenty of shares and also shares from influential people. Now getting a great number of shares can be achieved by interaction, engagement or even a few tools that can help us with that like Triberr, of which I am a proud member.

But what about the influence and authority of the people in our circles, do you ever think about that? Well you should, as that is a very important aspect of social networking and sharing, it also has a great influence on the number of shares and the relevance as to how good your posts are. If my posts gets retweeted by someone like Rand Fishkin that would mean that I am onto something, and not just that, plenty of people will follow his example as he is a thought leader in the SEO industry. So this is what all of us should be striving at.

There is no easy way to achieve that, we have to put ourselves out there, talk to people, engage, share their stuff, be insightful and helpful and hope to get noticed, sometimes a little pushing can help, but not too much. But there is a way I use to value the people in my social circles and see who is influential and who I should pay attention to a bit more than the others.

Zarko Zivkovic Klout Score

I’m sure that most of you know about Klout, if not it is time to visit their site and create an account there. Klout has a scoring system that determines your authority in the social networks, very much similar to Google’s scoring system. So why not use it to your benefit. For example my current Klout score is a bit above average, it stands around 52, and has been going from 50 to 55 for a few months now. But compared to Rand who has a score of 78 or Ian Lurie who has a score of 73 I have a long way to go, as I guess that this scale is similar to the page rank scale.

There are other sites that can help you find authorities in your market, but I have the most trust in Klout and I use them to determine my outreach and which people to connect to. Studying your social networks and social circles is also a part of SEO and if you neglect that part you will be way behind the rest of us. Look at it this way, when you are doing link building, you try to find pages that are on an authority domain, that have trust and look at various factors like domain age, domain authority, page authority, rank and relevance, well you should all do the same for social networks and people you want to connect with. Look at the factors and determine the long lasting value of that connection and how important it is to acquire that connection.

In the coming months this social tactic will help you get the best out of your social sharing and influencing the personalized search engines results for your networks and wider, as anything that people from your network share will be seen by their own network, especially if those people are influential.