Dejan SEO

DEJAN SEO is a team of twenty consultants and link builders who have both experience and talent in the industry. Our company director, Dan Petrovic, is a well known Australian SEO who brings over ten years of experience in the industry to the table. Petrovic couples his unique strategy with the hard work of the team’s other members to ensure long-term rankings and high volumes of traffic to our clients. Our clients range from very small business to international corporations.

Dejan SEO has provided professional marketing services to a group of diverse and unique clients since 2001. The company was founded in Brisbane as a division of Communication 1 to 1 Pty Ltd, with the company’ initially being focused on providing consulting services for other marketing firms. Starting in 2008, Dejan SEO began offering search engine optimization services directly to the general public. This is part of the newly-formed corporation, SEO Pty Ltd. The company expanded its services to international clients in 2009, as it opened two European offices. To further its world-wide recognition, the company also formed a business partnership in the United States.

In the same year, the company moved its head offices to Brisbane Technology Park; Dejan SEO currently operates there today. In addition to offering services to the general public, Dejan continues to work with corporate clients as well as both agencies and small businesses. The company’s many years of work experience in search engine optimization and internet marketing provide clients with tangible results. Dejan’s 20-member SEO staff has the skills necessary to get the job done. The company has worked and been successful in all areas of search engine optimization that include keyword targeting, competitor research, on-site optimization, and link popularity.

Dejan SEO is fortunate to be led by Simon Phillips, Dan Petrovic, Jaaved Khatree, Martin Reed and Mark Whitney. Together, they bring years of experience in a field that allows the hard-working link building team to achieve their goals.

We work with our customers in an unprecedented way to develop a long lasting relationship that ensures results, for both the short and long term. Unlike other SEO companies who focus on achieving solely short term goals and results, we have an approach that is planned in a detailed way in order to give clients ongoing success.

Before commencing a project, we go to great lengths to create a plan that will produce results. First, we establish clear and attainable goals for the campaign, giving us both direction and focus. We carry out in-depth keyword and phrase research for your products and services as well as carrying out comprehensive competitor analysis to see what not only what the current market leaders are doing, but also what is working well in the field. In addition, we document any opportunities that may lead to increased benefits. These steps all work together to help us give you the best results, ones that are unique to your needs.

We start with the on-site optimization of your website, including navigation, site maps, page versions, user experience, and content. Our link building strategies are guaranteed to achieve improved search results. We can undertake a wide range of activities that include passive link building, link consolidation, and advanced link negotiation.

All together, we are a company that knows how to focus in order to give our clients a product that is fruitful. We bring a plan to the table, one that is carefully organized to be as successful as possible.