We went through blog topic research and creating content for your blog, the next step is creating social media accounts for your blog. Here we will go through the process of creating several social media accounts that you will use to create a buzz, brand and engage your future blog audience in the proper manner.

social media analyticsIn the next post we will talk about actually creating the buzz and brand using social media and other ways, here we will talk about creating these accounts and tracking them.

Now the first part is simple, find and create social media accounts. The basic ones you simply must have include:

–    Twitter
–    Facebook
–    Digg
–    LinkedIn
–    StumbleUpon

These are the top five social media accounts that shouldn’t be left out under any circumstances. But there are tons more you can use, it all depends on the level of engagement you are planning and your ability to maintain and keep these accounts active, as they will need some love if you want to get something out of them like traffic or sales.

But if you want more I suggest creating an account on KnowEm and keeping tabs on all the accounts from one spot, they offer access to over 120 social media sites.

The first thing you will need is a brand new email account for your social media profiles. Trust me, once you create a few you will double or triple the number of mails you get. So in order to be able to keep with the notifications from these social media sites this is the best option for you.

As you will see on KnowEm it is best to use the same username and picture everywhere, that is a part of establishing your presence on these social media accounts. You want to be recognizable wherever you are. This will help people that are on these social media sites remember you out of the sea of names they see everyday.

Clicky Web AnalyticsOnce you create your profiles on these social media sites it is time to implement some tracking from the get go. You can track your progress on these social media sites using Google Analytics or GetClicky or you can go for a specialized social media analytics account like HootSuite and Swix, it all depends on your needs. But if you are serious about your blog and really want to invest time and maybe money onto your social media presence and influence you should consider creating an analytics account for your social media profiles, at least the main ones.

One place you shouldn’t skip is definitely Klout, which is used to measure your web influence based on Twitter and Facebook activities.

We can all agree that social media can be a great promotional and brand building tool if used correctly. Just mass building your audience will not do, the only way is to create a presence, become an influence in your niche or topic and get followers naturally, but that will take time. So for a start you can find the most influencing tweeters and Facebook pages in your niche and follow them, engage them and make yourself and your blog known.

This is it; the next step of How to Start a WordPress blog will be promoting your blog. Feel free to leave a comment or suggest some other social media analytics tool you use, as I would certainly like to experiment with those.