One thing all of us want is to have a high authority and high quality content that people would want to link to. But that is easier said and done, right? Wrong, with some time and effort anyone can create a linkbait, something that will get everyone’s attention and ensure that people will link to your site on their own free will. The best way is to provide something for the community like a document on a certain topic or some tool or app that will benefit the users. Remember, this is worth doing, because not only will your site get a boost when you release such a document or link bait as we call it, but you will be seen and considered as authority on that subject for a long time.

Creating Link Bait

Creating Link Bait

So, how do you think of a link bait, and you have to think of one. This is a valuable tool to gain links, so the only way for any of us is to use our brains. But to help you get started we offered some ideas that you might want to use for your very own link bait. And what is link bait; it is the very essence of Practical SEO, creating something people want.

You have seen plenty of free tools around the net, free keyword density tools, mortgage calculators, calorie intake calculators etc. So think along those lines for your niche and create something free of value, something that people will use. So there is your first idea, free tool, the most common of link bait.

Another very popular form of link bait is an expert document, mostly a PDF e-book on a certain topic, like a how to guide. You can expect a Practical SEO book very soon, so you can see a live example right here on this site. People want a short e-book 20-50 pages that explains something in common words without using technical terms, something they will understand and something they can use. So think how you can implement your knowledge to help others, give advice on a certain topic, which is always a great form of link bait.

If you have no expertise to make a tool or to write an e-book you can try the oldest link bait method in the world, this goes way back before internet, top 10 lists. Create a top 10 list that ranks certain products, websites or a top 10 list that tells people what to do in what order, a top 10 list of advice or something like that. That always gets attention and in most cases a link back to your site.

News, always important always wanted, but the thing is you need to be the first to publish them, if you do you have your game point. Publishing news related to your niche is a great way to get links, people don’t want to write another news article on their website, they will write a short intro and point a link to your website that says it all.

An interview with well known authors in your niche is also a great link bait, but this one is a little harder to get, but the equaling is the amount of links you will get for such a post.

Videos, always good for backlinks. Most people don’t want to read, if you have a video on your site they will stay tuned and absorb every word you say. Other webmasters and website owners know that and they will gladly link to such a video.

And the last but very effective form of link bait are contests, prizes and giveaways. People love prizes and love free stuff, so if you make it interesting you can expect a great number of links back to your site in a short amount of time.

With all of this Practical SEO tips on how to make your very own link bait you can’t go wrong, all you need is to think of something for your niche and following these simple instructions you will get links in no time. We will continue the easy walk down the SEO basics in our next section titled Making Your Site Popular.