The perfect website design will never be found. Simply because anyone with an idea what websites are have their own idea what the perfect website looks like. Some would call for flashy design while some would argue that simple yet functional websites are the perfect designs. Then, the other party would say that flashy websites too can be very functional and easy to use.

It is therefore important for internet marketers to not get hung up on the details of web design. In fact, one can make a great website by simply watching out for pitfalls that turn awesome website ideas into poorly executed ones. Some of these common mistakes are outlined below to help website designers and internet marketers create the perfect site for their brand.

One of the main aims of website designers is to create an original look for a website they are building. With millions of websites in existence, this is getting tougher and tougher to do. As a result, some website designers resort to using elaborate fonts. While this practice can make a website standout, the trouble is that not all computers support all fonts. As a result, many people would have a different looking site served to them. Furthermore, this error could mess up the look of your site rendering it useless to non-savvy users.

Another practice that leads to negative results is the use of tables in sectioning the spaces within the website. CSS is the way to go and many websites are built and are being built with the extensive use of CSS over tables. Internet marketers should therefore ask web designers how versed they are with CSS and whether they will build the website using tables or CSS.

Websites are built for human use but website designers should also keep in mind that search engines would bring in millions of visitors if search engine bots know exactly what your site is all about. With that in mind, you should learn more about search engine optimization to aid you in building a website that would be easy for search engine robots to crawl.

Online stores should be made available to as many people as possible. It is therefore important that you keep limited access pages to a minimum. Some websites are built so that people who wanted to use it would have to register for an account. This turns off many visitors especially those who are only looking to see what you offer to decide whether it would be worth going back to your site in the future or not.

Flashy websites can be great especially if you are targeting the youth market. Unfortunately, many websites are built to be too flashy that loading time significantly suffers. This means people with slower computers would have to wait for a long time before they can see the complete page. Again, this would be a major turn off for people who are not very patient and internet users have the reputation of having a very short attention span with regards to using a website.

Internal linking is also very important. Some websites are built with the navigation menu visible only on the homepage. This means that once a visitor goes deeper into the website, their navigation controls are limited which could end up frustrating them and leaving your website for good.

Keep in mind these pitfalls and you are one step closer to making a great website and online presence in general.

About the Author:
Noel Addison Agnote is working as an internet marketer for more than 2 years. He is a part of NDIC, a web design company whose dedication is to build quality websites and help your business build a good online presence.