Top 10 Excuses People Make Because They are Afraid of Running Their Own Business

online business mythsI have to admit that I am outraged by the stupidity and cowardice of some people. I mean there are guys that don’t have a job, don’t have any income, but they still manage to spend hundreds of dollars on useless crap, and when you think about it, a few hundred dollars is more than enough of money to start your online business with hosting, auto responders and some SEO included. I mean I can start a blog that will make me money for just $10, which is how much a domain costs, and they are making stupid excuses out of fear or laziness or I don’t know which reason. So here are top 10 excuses that people make when the idea of running their own business is presented and my thoughts on each one of them and why all of them are myths, meaning, they have no excuse, these people are too afraid for no good reason and they end up lying to themselves and withholding some profit, again, from themselves.

Myth or Excuse Number 1 – I’m Not Smart Enough to Run My Own Business

lightbulb ideaAlthough this may not be an excuse but an effect of low self esteem that comes from various reasons, it is still not a good excuse, as I am 100% positive that there is no such thing as a dumb person when it comes to having an online business. All you need is a will to learn and work, if you have those two you can grow your online business. The simplicity of making money online escapes most, they go for Adsense but there is not much money there, maybe you can pay for your hosting. Affiliate income can get you some solid profits, but in the end, if you create your own info product, assuming that you don’t have anything other to sell, you can make solid amounts of money on your own accord.

Myth or Excuse Number 2 – I Don’t Have the Time to Run a Business

running out of timeWell, if you are working two jobs at once to make ends meet, then this may really be impossible for you, but if you have a regular job or no job at all you are only lying to yourself with that statement. You can achieve everything with just 3-4 hours a day, maybe less for some, but 3 hours a day to grow your business is nothing, you probably waste 3 hours of your day anyway, I know I waste an hour or two for sure. The bottom line is, if you want something you will make time for it.

Myth or Excuse Number 3 – I Don’t Have the Funds To Start My Own Business

piggy bankThis is the one that really pisses me off. A domain costs $10 max, you can get a hosting for as low as $50 a year and if you want to take your online business to a prestige level you can get an auto responder that will cost you around $20 a month. So basically you will need $60 to start your online business; and if you want to go big you will need about $25 a month or $300 a year, which is nothing, what other business can you start with $25 a month?

Myth or Excuse Number 4 – I Don’t Have Any Special Skills

Thief-Goat-With-Special-SkillsDid you read somewhere that you need to have some skills? Internet offers everything if you just do a search and read something for 5 minutes. If you find a topic and read up on it you will know more than the average person, and in a matter of weeks you can become an expert on almost any topic there is. Again, not a good excuse, I don’t care if it’s ignorance that runs this one, people that want something go for it, I hate lazy bums that sit on their couch filling out capture pages with titles “make money from home for free” hoping that they will earn something without doing anything, it’s not how it works!

Myth or Excuse Number 5 – I Don’t Have Anything to Sell & Offer

no_image_availableYou don’t need to have a product right away, in fact you may never need a product of your own, although I would suggest that you eventually create your own product. For starters you can sign up as an affiliate and promote products for commission, that is a great way to earn money and learn about a certain niche, and then you can eventually develop your own product.

Myth or Excuse Number 6 – I Can’t Succeed, I Have Competition

competitionBu-huu, so what? If you had an original idea you would already be a millionaire, but there are thousands of people making solid living competing against each other. There are low chances that you will be the first one to start a niche, but you don’t have to be. If a niche is having a great number of people working on it, it means that it is successful, it sells. So find your piece of that niche and try to do a better job than the rest in your niche, try to offer a different angle and you can blast any competition that comes your way.

Myth or Excuse Number 7 – The Only Way to Make Money is By Telling People How to Make Money

make-money-onlineWell, this is partially true, this is a hot niche and there are thousands of people getting rich telling other how to make money online. But this is a perfect example of an excuse made up by lazy people not to work. The fact is that telling people how to make money doesn’t even account to 1% of money making niches online, so believe me when I say it, there are plenty of niches for you to explore and profit from them.

Myth or Excuse Number 8 – I Tried and Failed Several Times, I’m not cut Out For Online Business

fail try againWell, this is the one I can’t demolish, I agree, some people just can’t handle the competition or lack the concentration needed to do their research, but the fact that you tried shows that you have the guts to go for it, so try something else. Maybe what was wrong is that you were trying in the wrong niche, or the fact that you were promoting other people’s products, while you were supposed to market your own business, your own product from the start.

Myth or Excuse Number 9 – It’s Not Worth It, I Need to be Number 1 in Google and That is Impossible

1st place in googleFirst of all it is not impossible to be number 1 in Google; it all depends on your niche. Well, maybe for your niche it is impossible, but there are always variables, you can always go for long tail keywords, which is a smart move. The fact is that you don’t need to be number one in Google to make a solid income online. There are dozens of different strategies that work much better for an online business than getting your website to the top ranks. There are literally ways and ways to drive targeted traffic that converts to your website without having a top rank in Google, although it is useful, it is not necessary if you know how to market.

Myth or Excuse Number 10 – I Don’t Have Funds for Advertising So I Can’t Get My Business off the Ground

money-target-sell-advertisingWrong, this may be true for a brick and mortar business, 10 years ago, but it’s not even remotely true for online business models. You can market and advertise your website in hundreds of free ways or some that are really cheap, no need for high advertising budget. You can have a great free advertising promotion if you use your head and do some manual labor by submitting to press release sites and doing some targeted article marketing, not to mention networking, SMO and other internet marketing strategies that you will learn along the way.

Online Business Myths
So there you have it, 10 stupid excuses people make not to start a business or why they quit their online business. I for one make money online from several business models, by offering my SEO services, by acting as a medium for outsourcing, through my own info products and eBooks, through private label reseller products, through affiliate marketing and of course Adsense. I probably missed something, but being in online business for as long as I have, and I just turned 27, makes everything possible. Trust me when I say this, anyone can make money online, the only thing needed is the will to learn and to work.

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16 Response to Top 10 Excuses People Make Because They are Afraid of Running Their Own Business

  1. Fran Aslam@kw Luv on September 29, 2010

    Hi Zarko:

    I was blog hopping and came across your blog. This is my first time, so looked around
    I liked your post about key words a lot. Then I read the current post where you have added all the excuses that people make. A great list and you have listed all the excuses that people make.
    My first impression is you are a good blog writer. Keep up the good work. I want you to go to my site, read a post and leave a comment. I will like to read more of your posts.

    Fran Aslam

  2. Zarko on September 29, 2010

    Thanks for visiting my blog Fran :) I hope you liked my posts and that you will return to read more!

  3. Mandeep on September 30, 2010

    Hey Zarko,

    Great article. I think a lot of these excuses have to do with being overwhelmed. For example, it can be over whelming to take the #1 spot on google for keywords. In a way the reason people have for these excuses is the fear of not being able to achieve success, and wasting resources during the process. This fear can cause people to have any of these ecuses. :)

  4. Zarko on September 30, 2010

    You are right Mandeep, it is fear that makes people use these excuses.

    But fear is not something that we should avoid, I have fear all the time, but I overcome that with positive attitude and a hope for better things, i could never ask to leave a life without fear as fear sometimes guides us in the right direction and it makes us who we are.

    We all need to battle fears, making excuses is not the way, and I can never feel sorry for people that make excuses. Living life full of excuses is not much of a life!

  5. Steve@Make Money Online on September 30, 2010

    Great post!! Your reasons for people not taking the chance were spot on. I think part of the issue is misinformation and people trying the wrong things when they start out.

    Unfortunately a lot of peoples first experience are those “make thousands of dollars with a few mouse clicks” ads. They fail or know people that fail because those are scams meant to only separate people from their money.

    If they learn the real truth that success is possible for anyone, but there is work involved and still don’t try…well then bad on them.

    One really good point was number nine. I am all about trying to rank on SERPs but you do not really need to worry about it too much with Article Marketing-

    I have made quite a bit of $$, list building with article marketing and only cracking the first page on Google with a few longtail keywords.

    First page Google is the “dream” it is the guaranteed money maker if you know what you are doing. But it is not the only way to succeed.

  6. Zarko on September 30, 2010

    Thanks Steve, really appreciate your thoughts.

    You are right, 99% of people get scammed over and over again by the promises of false internet marketers, and since most of the internet marketers promise your riches it is really hard for people to find real information that can help them achieve at least something, that is one of the greatest problems of starting an online business if you don’t know a thing about it.

    It is hard for newcomers to recognize real info from scams, unfortunately that is the reality, I hope there are more people honestly trying to succeed, but the fact is that people love to live from “quick bucks” and they have a dream of being rich in a matter of weeks, as long as that exists there will be scammers offering those dreams!

  7. Marlon @ productivity bits on October 1, 2010

    You hit the nail right on its head. The biggest obstacle between someone and his dream of having an online business is irrational fear – fear that doesn’t have any basis at all, which you clearly illustrated in the 10 myths above.

    Another reason is the lack of persistence. If you want to earn money from blogging, it will take months, even years, to actually start making a penny. Most fail in this venture because they stop without waiting for their chances.

  8. Zarko on October 1, 2010

    Yup, most people blog for a few months and give up because they haven’t earned a cent, if they stick to it a bit more they probably could have made it work for them, but people are not patient, always in a hurry to make a quick buck, which is one of the biggest fault of most online marketers wannabes.

  9. lawmacs on October 2, 2010

    Spot on Spot on starting on online business should not be looked up as rocket science as a matter of fact it could be a peice of cake the cost of paing for a year of domain hosting with a free domain name is what most of us spend on drinks for a month or sometimes in a week and fear is the biggest factor for me in that list and that fear is fear of being your own boss.

  10. Zarko on October 2, 2010

    That is a reasonable fear Lawmacs, but like any other it can be controlled.

    Unless we are talking about a certified phobia here, I won’t accept any form of fear as a good enough reason not to start your business, excuses are worth nothing.

  11. MikeRamsey@excessive sweating on October 6, 2010

    You’ve cited great points why others are afraid of having their own business. As we actually grow older, we want to be secure. That feeling most probably contributed so much why most people decide to be work with companies than putting up their own business. They want to receive a monthly salary which can cover up all their needs.

  12. Zarko on October 6, 2010

    Right on Mike, we cling to that one little secure thing and we hope it doesn’t blow up in our face, at the same time we might be missing out on thousands of great opportunities, but the fear is there and the famous …what if….

  13. Conroy @ Web Designer on January 24, 2011

    Yeh … These are the Few Points which Most of the People Mostly Made Before Thinking of Running a Business, But According to me If they have Self Confident they can Do it Without any Hesitation.

    Conroy James

  14. Veronica@miami real estate on May 27, 2011

    I would like to elaborate further on myth # 8, in my opinion there’s nothing such as wrong niche, the problem is with lack of interest. The reason many people fail or do not show interest or are afraid is because they’re not doing what they love. You first need to identify what is your interest, think hard and then do a proper research on whether you can make a living off your interest or not. That’s why when people don’t start seeing results straight away they give up, because they are not willing to invest their time in niches they’ve no interest in.

  15. Dan@Physician Assistant School on June 21, 2011

    Great List! I did really like your point about the start up money, that’s one of the most attractive things to me about starting an online business. Plus, in response to number 1… I would say that people just need to spend some time talking to business owners and they will find some of them are really…. not smart.

  16. Donna on December 10, 2011

    Great post about the things that people find hard about starting online businesses. The point that really stuck out to me the most was number 3, and I really do think that people want to start online businesses for free, which is just not the case. I like the fact that starting an online business is way cheaper than starting a brick and mortar place, but still you have to have some type of viable business plan to succeed.

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