SEO Infographics – Images With Thousand Words

We all know that a picture can speak a thousand words, well that is absolutely true for these SEO Infographics I managed to find and put under one roof. I have to say that I always wanted to create my own SEO infographic about a realistic SEO plan for new websites, but I can’t find the time and I would have to find a nice designer, which shouldn’t be hard. Well, that i something to look forward to from me in the future, my own SEO plan infographic. As for the ones presented here, well, you will see, each one of them is  a true SEO infographic gem.

1.  SEO FAQ’s Infographic

SEO-Infographic 1

“This is a great SEO infogrpahic covering everything from basic keyword research concepts, through site architecture, page optimisation, link building, SEO tactics, social media, and some basic SEO and PPC clickthrough stats and explantions.”

2. DIY SEO Infographic – SEO vs PPC

SEO-Infographic 2

This SEO infographic shows the difference between organic search clicks and performance and PPC clicks and performance. The constant battle of paid versus organic traffic.

3. Linkbait SEO Infographic

SEO Infogrpahic linkbait

This LinkBait SEO Infographic explains various aspects and lifecycle of a linkbait.

4. Anatomy of a Search Marketer SEO Infographic

SEO Infographic 4

SEOmoz is definitely one of the top SEO companies in the world, my personal favorite, so an SEO Infographic coming from them can only be described as a quality infographic and needs to be listed among the best infographics in this niche.

5. Using Social Media SEO Infographic

Social Marketing Cool Infographic

These are the basic social marketers efforts presented in a single Cool infographic.

There are plenty of other SEO, Social Media and Internet marketing related Infographic that I would like to share with you but I will leave that for some other occasion as these are very large files and the load time will certainly not be pretty! These are some of the best infographics I found on the subject, but there are more.

If you wish to find out more about these infographics and their creators, visit the source links provided above every image, they deserve a visit and much more.

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  3. Aswani on November 28, 2010

    Hi Zarko, this is great stuff. These images look very useful and informative. Thanks for sharing. Keep writing :)

  4. Zarko on November 28, 2010

    heh, glad you liked it and found it useful :)

  5. James Fulton@Dog arthritis on November 29, 2010

    Great compilation Zarko, It explains a lot. The clicks percentage really hurt me. 8% is no where near 42%. So finally its all bout being the one ….OMG, I will just stop promoting if i rank in top 5,i never thought a big gap is there between the top 5


  6. Tia on November 30, 2010

    The Linkbait one is especially interesting. I’ll have to take a longer look at it, as there’s a lot there, but it’s certainly one to hold on to.

    Thanks for these!


  7. Moonomo on November 30, 2010

    Cool stuffs! Not only looks great but tells a lot of necessary things- Zarko, great compilation- helps to remind the stuffs time to time.

    It would have even greater If those are printer friendly (split for the print without loosing consistence)! :)

  8. Mark of Success on November 30, 2010


    This is great stuff! There’s so much information in these that cannot be grasped in one reading. You’ve certainly done a great job at bringing them all under one roof.

    Here’s also wishing you success in coming up with your own infographic someday… soon! :-)


  9. lawmacs on December 6, 2010

    Great stuff Zarko visited them just like Tia i love the link bait one Thanks for sharing and thanks for your support.

  10. Zarko on December 6, 2010

    Thanks guys, I’m glad you liked these infographics, each of them has a cool story and presents a point, I will be making another infographics post just before New years Eve, as a bonus :)

  11. Felicia @ No Deposit Poker on December 30, 2010

    Nice and very detailed infographic about SEO!
    I loved the one with the Linkbait.
    Thanks for sharing!

  12. Conroy @ Web Design Company on January 25, 2011

    Very Informative and Useful Info-graphic about SEO ! Thanks alot for Sharing …

    Conroy James

  13. paul morris on February 26, 2011

    A great summary of infographics however if i might be so bold i have my own ode to PacMan SEO infographic to add! –

  14. Jesica Wills on March 4, 2011

    Hey Zarko. Thats tremendous post. Great infographic FAQs for SEO. Thanks for teaching us a valuable SEO in a wonderful way.

  15. Maria Pavel@CNA Training on March 6, 2011

    I first thought you were the one that made those infographics.
    They look amazing, but i hope you get the time some day to make some of yours, i’m really curious how they’ll turn out.

  16. abigail @Logo Design on May 19, 2011

    I do like the infographics, very cool, illustrative and detailed. They are catchy and have good designs. Thanks for letting us see those images. Great job Zarko.

  17. Bre Matthews on November 10, 2011

    Great list of SEO infographics. Came across this new one in my twitter feed “[infographic] SEO Pyramid: The TLCs of SEO Methodology”

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