Questionable Google Search Results

With the new webspam update rolling out, the talk in webmaster forums and Google+ it is hard not to notice a shift in search results. It’s hard to believe what piece of crap ranks out there, even with all the updates and Panda’s in the world, maybe the new one will fix them, but as it appears it is targeted at webspam, so not all illogical, crappy or undeserved results will disappear from the first page. Here are some of the results that are in place for quite some time now, but should be changed, a few of these I’m guessing will be hit by the update, but I hope that even if the update misses them, that Google will seriously start working on correcting the relevancy of the search to the displayed results, in the first place giving more weight to user intention!

Make Money Online – – 1st result, empty blog on blogspot? Now this is just bad, plain bad, no excuses and no reason for this page to be in top 100!


empty blog ranking number 1?

SEO Company – – 1st result,, terrible design, looks like a squeeze page, content makes no sense, no spelling or grammar to talk of! Disaster! And SEO market is supposed to be one of the first targets of any major update, if the results for SEO are like this they are giving us bad example of good practices, they can’t expect us to uphold white-hat and Google guidelines if they allow this crap to rank.


Every single word is capitalized...

Website Building Basics – – 7th result, thin content website with unrelated links to pharmacy site in content that should be about website building basics, which is what user would expect from such a search.


web design tutorials = pharmacy... yup, I already got a headache

New York Hotel –  – 4th result which is a Las Vegas hotel, if I type in New York hotel I want hotels in New York, not in Las Vegas! How is that not clear, the user intention should be the priority of search, a good mix is all good, but not when we are talking about specific queries.


nothing wrong with the website, Google misplaced it

Link Building basics – – 1st & 2nd results are crap! Expecting to see seomoz, seobook or other well-known SEO resources, but instead we get a sales guy on number 2, and 1st one is a hosting company blog, a good blog, but hardly a contestant with the top seo blogs and resources.


reciprocal linking? and this outranks seomoz and others!!!?

These are just a few examples of what is out there. There are far worst results, some illogical ones, some irrelevant ones. I mean the web is huge and Google has a lot of work cut out for them, but if they want us to stick to the rules we expect to see that those rules pay off. If they display crappy results based on fake reviews, shady links and over-optimization practices they are passively encouraging webmasters to dive into webspam and black hat.

Give us a good example Google, show that your results are good and relevant, show us that the updates you make help people and webmasters who try their best to follow your rule and people will follow, with such a sad display as you have now you can expect things to get worse. In the end one of the possible outcomes is Google over-complicating their algo until shit hits the fan! My 2 cents…

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4 Response to Questionable Google Search Results

  1. Brent Nau on April 25, 2012

    Try New Shoes… Really bad results

  2. Matthew Deal on April 26, 2012

    This is so true. These are horrible results and a shame they get bumped so high in search.

  3. Penna Advantage @ on April 29, 2012

    I am shocked dat here webmasters work round the clock to get there sites ranked higher and few people have tricked google’s algorithm so easily….

  4. Glidemiddel on May 4, 2012

    These guys behinf the empty sites have cracked the “Google code”, but what exactly do You suggest can be done? With small changes in the algorithm, these sites will easily pick up. It’s computers that decide the rankings, and computers can obviously be tricked.

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