Principles of Practical SEO

This is a bonus article explaining in short the basic principles of Practical SEO. Practical SEO has one goal in mind, to help you rank better and get more visitors without spending money, or with the least amount possible. All of these principles listed here can be found in SEO basics of Practical SEO.

Practical SEO Principles

Practical SEO Principles

The first principle of Practical SEO states that when a user is satisfied so are the search engines. In other words, try to please your customers, if you manage to do that you won’t have to worry about search engines.

The second principle of Practical SEO states to always aim for quality rather than quantity. This one says it all, it’s better to have only a few pages that are full of quality content, than having hundreds of relevant pages that amount to nothing.

The third principle of Practical SEO states think small, do big. Like with the second principle of Practical SEO the idea is to focus on small but precise and targeted things. For instance a niche, the more targeted niche the more targeted visitors that know what they want, all you need to do is provide that for them and you will succeed.

The fourth principle of Practical SEO states that organization and architecture of your sites needs to be clean and simple. No use of adding tons of navigation links, a simple and small site with simple navigation has more chances of succeeding when starting.

The fifth principle of Practical SEO states that there is nothing as important as keyword research. Research in general is the basic of SEO, but a good keyword research can mean the difference between succeeding and failing.

The sixth principle of Practical SEO states that new is good. New is good in everything you do with your site, especially new and fresh content. Updating your site regularly is a must if you want to make it in the online business.

The seventh and last principle of practical SEO states to connect everything you do. Linking is as important as the content and keywords you are using, without linking your site won’t be visible. Link throughout your site and off it, make as many quality backlinks as you can. But again, choose quality over quantity.

These are the seven basic principles of Practical SEO; if you respect all of them your success will be guaranteed. If you fail to respect even one of them your site may fail, all of the criteria must be met to ensure the most positive effect and to ensure that your site gets plenty of traffic. This is a balance you must come to respect, remember, quality over quantity and always aim to please the user, not the search engines like some self proclaimed SEO experts might suggest.

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