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Let’s first define long tail keywords; well they are easy to define. A long tail keyword is a keyword phrase containing at least three or more words. Long tail keywords are used to refine the search you are getting from search engines. If you have a site selling products like organic tea, you can squeeze in some traffic from search engines, but using a more targeted keyword like organic Yerba tea is a keyword phrase that has more chances of making high rankings and higher chances of conversion.

The idea is simple, if I want to find a specific product, meaning I probably wish to buy it, I won’t search for a general term, I will look for what I need, which means that long tail keywords get a higher conversion rate and are essential to your online business. All in all you will sacrifice a bit of your overall traffic in numbers; you will replace quantity for quality.

Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are not used only to get more of quality traffic; it is used to specifically target a niche. It is far easier to specify what your site is about to search engine crawlers using long tail keywords than short keywords. If you use a keyword like Brazilian Natural coffee, rather than just Brazilian coffee, your site will be marketed better by search engines and will get a higher place in the search engines. Well the part about getting higher rankings is almost always due to lower competition, which is also a bonus for you. It is far easier to rank high for a targeted long tail keyword than for a commonly used term that gets millions of searches a day. I will explain this in detail when we cover monetizing your website, trust me, this will be your money ticket once you start covering a certain sub niche as an affiliate or as a seller.

You are probably wondering why all the hype about long tail keywords, is that all, I knew that? Well, you are one out of 50 that knew that, trust me, I have been trying to explain this simple truth to many wannabe online marketers, long tail keywords are the way to go. First off, you are targeting a niche that is smaller than your average niche, but has the equal potential as larger marketers, which means you have less competition but have the opportunity to earn the same amount of money big shots do and that is what targeting long tail keywords is all about people.

There are other benefits of using long tail keywords, one of them being lower cost for pay per click advertising. Of course, that is also due to the lower competition for those keywords, but hey anything that works is good as long as it is not forbidden by search engines. In the end you have to think carefully what long tail keywords you use, the same as with normal keywords. Go through Keyword Tutorial to see everything about keyword research, the same applies for long tail keywords. You have to be sure if you are investing your time and money into a profitable niche, into a profitable long tail keyword. Otherwise you will just be wasting your time and your money, research is the basis for online success.

After this the fun begins, the next chapter in Practical SEO is all about necessities of optimizing your website.

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4 Response to Practical SEO – Long Tail Keywords

  1. seo sydney on January 6, 2011

    Long tail keyword is one of the best way to claim a traffic organically and reduce a lot of competition.
    if you are also good in blogging increasing your keyword count.

  2. seph from pay per click advertising on January 21, 2011

    This post is very informative and I have came up and idea of also the fact that drawing attention to a particular long tail keyword may also slowly make it more popular, and rising the price of bidding on it eventually.

    So good luck and more to this site!

  3. A. Hagan@Keyword research on May 29, 2011

    A “tail” of two sides – long tail keyword generate the most valuable traffic, while broad keywords will generate more traffic. In the end – targeting both types is the way to go, assuming you have the time and resources.


  4. Veronica Cervera@Miami real estate on June 9, 2011

    It’s always nice to optimize your site for both short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords…..but I agree with you that long-tail keywords require less effort in all and are easier to get onto top. If you’ve got a great content and good linking strategy, chances are higher that your even 3-4 months old site would rank in Top 10 with long-tail keywords…..

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