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Practical SEO, Do It Yourself SEO VS Professional SEO

Now that you have finally completed the SEO basics you can make the most important decision regarding your site and its success, will you opt for home or do it yourself SEO or will you hire a professional SEO service to do that for you. This is a question every website owner has to ask […]

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SEO Basics Conclusion, SEO the Practical Way

Search engine optimization is a hard and tedious job, it can take a large amount of your time, there are too many pieces of the puzzle that you need to piece together. I once read “Promoting a site that writers on the web are unlikely to link to is as deadly as creating a fantastic […]

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Making Your Site Popular

We covered the SEO basics about making your site good, full of high quality, easy and understandable design layout and everything necessary for your on page optimization. The next step is reaching out and promoting your website in order to make it popular, in order to attract visitors and to rank high based on organic […]

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Creating Link Bait on Your Website

One thing all of us want is to have a high authority and high quality content that people would want to link to. But that is easier said and done, right? Wrong, with some time and effort anyone can create a linkbait, something that will get everyone’s attention and ensure that people will link to […]

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Principles of Practical SEO

This is a bonus article explaining in short the basic principles of Practical SEO. Practical SEO has one goal in mind, to help you rank better and get more visitors without spending money, or with the least amount possible. All of these principles listed here can be found in SEO basics of Practical SEO. The […]

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