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Negative SEO Factors – Penguin, Panda and Whatnot!

Well the last week or two were rather interesting considering that most of the online community was talking about over-optimization penalty, negative SEO and outing. All that became a bit clearer after Google announced their webspam update, or now officially called Penguin update. Penguin update was started on the 24th April and it’s now finished, […]

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Questionable Google Search Results

With the new webspam update rolling out, the talk in webmaster forums and Google+ it is hard not to notice a shift in search results. It’s hard to believe what piece of crap ranks out there, even with all the updates and Panda’s in the world, maybe the new one will fix them, but as […]

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Over Optimization Penalty Factors

Since we are all worried about what may trigger the over optimization penalty I wanted to ask you to share your thoughts with us. We all have different takes on the matter, so I included some basic questions that may trigger the penalty, please rate them accordingly by filling out the form below. You can […]

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3 Tips To Improve On Flipping Websites And Making More Money

Flipping websites is a task that needs passion. For instance, you buy a website which has a great audience, at least a modest one. You aspire to increase the audience base and bring your website to the top! However, a few weeks down the line, you begin to lose interest. The pace of returns is […]

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Interview with No Yelling

It recently came to my attention that a small company from Australia made an online boom that brought them incredible rise in traffic and made them known through a simple Google Docs user style they created. Company is called No Yelling, nice name, can you guess what they do? They offer driving lessons, yup, it’s […]

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