Page Rank Update, Good News for Some, Bad for Others, Irrelevant for a Few

Most of you have heard about the Page Rank update in the last few days. For some this has been a good event, for others still biting on their nails, waiting when the update is going to hit their website this might seem like a nightmare. For those in the SEO industry this is just a formality with no special meaning.

Well, it is a fact that some of the SEO’s are going to use the Page Rank update to their advantage when it comes to dealing with clients, but most of us know that it has nothing to do with rankings in Google nor with traffic we get to our websites.

Page Rank Update

So how does the page rank update influence our online business? In reality it doesn’t, the only ones seeing the difference are the blog owners; they feel a bit more satisfied as they think their work has paid off, while it doesn’t have anything to do with the pay day actually. For a regular user that has no idea what page rank is this has no meaning whatsoever!

One thing we all have to understand is that page rank update is only for show, this is toolbar page rank, so just because your page rank went up doesn’t mean you are on the top of the world. Why is that? Well it is because the page rank that is now higher on your blog didn’t influence your Google rankings, you are still in the same spot you were a few days before the update, and also the traffic you receive hasn’t increased proportionally with the update or decreased, in case your PR went down.

So why stressing over PR if it doesn’t influence our ratings or the amount of traffic we receive? As an SEO I can say that most people still rely on PR in their toolbar to be a measurement of how good a website is, while in reality that is far from the truth. Also, most inexperienced bloggers and web owners will look at your PR when you ask them for a link, so in some ways it still matters. As a blogger I can say that it does help us put things in perspective a little, it helps us validate our work and gives us a motivation to move forward with getting even better in mind, and after all, most bloggers are competing against themselves and not against other bloggers.

I can say that I don’t care about PR, not because my blog hasn’t been updated yet, personally I rely more on SEOmoz metrics and my blog has a score of 47 at the moment, but because SEO is my profession, and I have seen plenty of PR4 or PR5 websites that are nothing more than network websites with no content, no value whatsoever. On the other hand I have seen blogs with PR1 or zero that have much to offer.

To say it again clearly, page rank is just a number, it has no influence on our success as bloggers or web owners. The success is measured by other means, you as a web owner know what success means for your website, if it is only high PR then I feel you are wasting your time. Like Gary from Lawmacs blog said, are you making money from your blog? Maybe that is the thing you should be stressing about, and not the page rank update which will come to all of us eventually, and again, it won’t change a single thing regarding our web success.

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20 Response to Page Rank Update, Good News for Some, Bad for Others, Irrelevant for a Few

  1. Web Design Company on January 26, 2011

    Yep, I got the New Earlier But my Rank is Constant, I Don’t Know that this News is Considered as Good or Bad for Me :)

  2. DiNaRa on January 27, 2011

    I also hate (sorry for this strong word) people – no matter blog owners or site owners – who worry too much about PR. Thus, they forget about the real value of their resources. They turn their sites into machines for getting more backlinks and higher PR. And it is immediately reflected on the quality of their work.

  3. Web Designer on January 28, 2011

    @ DiNaRa you are right dear, But you forget that we live in a World where Competition is Everything, and While Competition we forget alots of Real Values of our Resources :(

  4. Mark @ TheBitBot SEM Blog on January 29, 2011

    In the past, the Page Rank of many of my sites has fluctuated wildly. Throughout this fluctuation I have always observed my unique visitor stats and SERP rankings and have never noticed a correlation. Personally, I think that PR is WAAAYYY overvalued in the eyes of those looking to sell it.

    For me…I’ll take a position on page one over PR any day.

    Relevancy is key and there is only one way to get it…keywords…contextual links with keywords. I have done very well pursuing this as my main SEO tool.

    Personally, I wish Google would stop releasing toolbar PR as it skews link trading away from relevancy.

    Nice post, Zarko…as usual.


  5. Zarko on January 29, 2011

    Hi Mark, I love your last statement and I agree 100% :)

    “Personally, I wish Google would stop releasing toolbar PR as it skews link trading away from relevancy.” This couldn’t be more true, people looking to sell links go with their PR as the pricing option, and in most cases those network websites are worth “ZERO” cents.

  6. Jason @ Search Strategist on January 29, 2011

    Great take on the real scores of Pagerank Zarko. Pagerank is just a measurement that Google uses to determine importance (for web indexing and crawl schedules), the only advantage of having a good pagerank is just that crawlers have more given schedule in caching web pages. But I as well agree that SEOmoz’s metrics are more reliable in terms of determining the quality of a site’s link profile.

    Anyway, the recent Pagerank update just occurred to sites that were already live last April 2010, and those that we’re only launched on the last week of june 201o onwards will still have to wait for the next PR update (just noticed when I checked other new sites as mine haven’t updated its pagerank yet).


  7. Zarko on January 30, 2011

    Hi Jason,

    great take on which sites were updated by PR. I also noticed that but I wasn’t actually sure, I saw a few websites built in Mart got some PR, but the May ones and the sites built after that had no update.

  8. lawmacs on January 30, 2011

    Nice article on Page Rank i too love to see the green bar stretching away but it is not something i focus on as you mentioned in your last pargraph making money is more important what good is it if you have a PR of 6 and not getting any traffic it just does not add up.

  9. Felicia @ No Deposit Poker on February 3, 2011

    Hi Zarko,
    Is PR really useless? I was just wondering why there are posts that list blog sites according to their page rank – which is kind of unfair for those who have PR0. I don’t know much how PR works, but for me, you’re right on the part that those who have high PR don’t have informative content while those who have lower or 0 PR have much to offer.

  10. Matt @ Email Blacklist Check on February 3, 2011

    Hi Zarko,

    I must agree with you and I do believe that PR is not a metric how a site performs on search engines. For me rankings is still most important and we should focus on this, because as we know a high rankings on SERPs can give us plenty of visitors unlike having a high pr with low rankings will do no good. I can say they can attract advertisers and that’s all.


  11. Zarko on February 3, 2011

    The sites that list websites by their PR and people who go for PR like it is something important have something to gain from that. Some are just confused about the real value of PR or cling to old teachings. PR was important a few years back. The only thing those guys can benefit from having their PR high is to sell links or sites to people that still value PR, and there are still plenty of those. But I have seen too much PR4 to PR6 sites that have traffic like this blog had in it’s first month, does that mean the site is worth paying high for a link or selling the blog for more money? No, it is just a status, nothing more, but people still earn great money from that little green bar and they are the ones keeping the myth alive!

    Hell, I just saw today that after the update this idiot website has PR8 no matter how much traffic this site gets, it just goes to show that Google has lost its interest in PR. I mean a PR8 website should give something of value, like cure people, promote real news or offer something extremely useful, that was how it was supposed to be when PR reflected authority and trustworthiness, now it has no value whatsoever when a tabloid website can have PR8, it’s not the bloody Wikipedia we are talking about here!

  12. Felicia @ No Deposit Poker on February 10, 2011

    Hi Zarko,
    Thank you very much for elaborating to us how PR has influenced many sites and the people who still believe having high PR is great for selling links or sites. I have no idea Google gave a PR8 to such a website like what you mentioned.

  13. Alex@gifts for wife on February 17, 2011

    From my point of view, PR only helps:
    1. for your ego
    2. if you sell links
    3. if you sell your website

    But, i don’t need and ego, i just need money.
    I buy links for the trafic, not for the PR.
    High PR just fakes the price of a website, since you can have a PR of 6 now, and after changing the content in about two months you get to N/A. Money “well invested”.

  14. Zarko on February 17, 2011

    @Alex, my point exactly. People think that their website is good simply because they have a PR5, wrong in most cases… and some use it to their advantage to sell links and websites, people that don’t know better will run with those links instead of actually looking at the quality!

  15. Alex@gifts for wife on February 17, 2011

    If only people that don’t know better would make this mistake, but i’ve actually seen SEO companies doing the same thing.
    Well, i guess there all sorts of SEO companies out there, some better than others.

  16. Zarko on February 17, 2011

    I know, I work for those companies :) They are actually even worse, because they are not that into SEO and don’t have the knowledge, they know one thing, to pay someone else to do it for them, and it is better that way, but only if they find the right SEO company, if not they will end up with spam links and low level links. The only thing companies know is PR, even though it is outdated, they heard of it and they want it, and there is no convincing them otherwise. Well, there is, but it is very hard!

    This is a whole subject on it’s own, and I will have to write a post about it, Companies digging their own grave with SEO mistakes :)

  17. Rod@hospedaje web on March 23, 2011

    I’m starting playing with SEO and I’m getting REALLY confused about this PR thing. I have two sites with PR5 that don’t rank near the first page of Google even tough I have “optimized” the pages for the keywords I want, and on the other side I have a new site PR0 that in a few weeks got to the second page for the same keywords… This is driving me nuts.

  18. Zarko on March 23, 2011

    Hi Rod, PR is not a ranking factor, so that has nothing to do with your PR5 sites being low in the SERP, you should go over your content, internal linking and entire onpage scheme, also look at the number of links and the quality of links compared to your competitors and you will see why you are not ranking high.

    As for the new site, maybe it is just better, but most likely it is the “honeymoon” period gave by Google, most new websites have a great ranking in the first few weeks, months, so don’t be surprised if your rankings drop later on.

  19. Codrut @ Blog Commenting SEO on March 27, 2011

    PR has value, otherwise Google would not continue to using it. I can rank for long-tail keywords top 3 listings at any time because of my page rank and back-links quality.

  20. Zarko on March 27, 2011

    Hi Cidrut, well it is obvious that you do not keep up with Google’s updates and the announcements of Google’s officials as Matt Cutts.

    First of all PR is by no means a valuable measure, especially toolbar PR, it is just for webmasters to have some clue, it falls into 200+ factors, so how important can it be when Google gave up on regular PR updates?

    There are more important factors than PR, and you should take this literally! I have several PR0 websites ranking on the first page for major keywords outranking competitors with PR5 as they have dead sites. PR is not a trustworthy measure and there are much better indicators of the website’s trust, if you keep believing in PR in this day and age after everything that has gone through you will be hurting your website and your profits, so updating your knowledge might be a good idea.

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