Over Optimization Penalty Factors

Since we are all worried about what may trigger the over optimization penalty I wanted to ask you to share your thoughts with us. We all have different takes on the matter, so I included some basic questions that may trigger the penalty, please rate them accordingly by filling out the form below. You can add your own thoughts and factors I missed, please help us make this clearer for the community. Thanks!

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3 Response to Over Optimization Penalty Factors

  1. Sara on April 24, 2012

    I am not very good with SEO. I need to know in what ways I could be over optimizing my site. With how much it changes I can’t seem to keep up.

  2. Kenneth on May 1, 2012

    Hopefully the info I shared helps you. I really think that keyword stuffing is the most crucial to keep in mind here. I judge it by some of my projects that dropped.

  3. Marc Nashaat on July 12, 2012

    Sara, everything that Zarko listed is important to keep in mind. The most important to avoid:

    Keyword stuffing your content/titles/headers:

    Opinions on density vary, These days most argue between 1-2% (don’t listen to people telling you 3-10%, that is the very definition of over optimization). As long as you follow the mantra of “create for people” you’re well off in the eyes of Google. You’ve just got to be good at creating content people will enjoy.

    Getting tons of low quality links from shady sites:

    Check the Domain Authority and Page Authority of sites that you add links to. Try to limit the sites where you post your own to those with DA’s of at least 30. It’s much more valuable to get a small number of links from high authority sites, versus a thousand links from crummy link networks (which can in fact harm your rankings.)

    Overuse of exact match anchors

    Make sure that you have a wide variety of anchored inbound links. Of course the more variety in your anchor text the more links you will need to rank for any of those targeted keywords. If you have say 1,000 links to your California based Home Renovation site, and every link to your site is Anchored with “California Home Renovation” that is not good.

    The justification here is that when you’re creating for people you’re offering up new and unique which is reflected in the anchor text.

    As for the constant changes: that’s what makes this industry fun!

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