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As most of you know the voting round for the 4th annual Mashable awards has begun. The past three years showed a great increase in Mashable followers and has strengthened Mashable as an online brand and leader. Last year alone there were 440,000 nominations with over 70,000 nominees and 780,000 final votes. And Mashable has grown twice in size since the last year which means we can expect a grand online presence for any person able to qualify for the finals starting 1st December.

Mashable_Awards_Nominate_MeThe number of votes is expected to go over million, and you know what that means. This kind of internet promotion is not something you can buy. The first round of voting has started and it lasts until 29th November, after that top 5 of each of the 21 categories will go to the finals.

The categories in which you can vote every day for each of the categories, 1 time a day each day, are:

– Best Location-Based Service
– Best Mobile Device
– Best Mobile Game
– Best Mobile Platform
– Best Mobile User Experience
– Best Music Discovery Service
– Best New Gadget
– Best Online Game
– Best Social Media Management Tool
– Best Social Media Service for Small Business
– Best Use of an API
– Best Web Video
– Best Website User Experience
– Breakthrough Website Design
– Entrepreneur of the Year
– Most Creative Social Good Campaign
– Most Creative Social Media Campaign
– Most Promising New Company
– Must-Follow Brand
– Must-Follow Non-Profit
– Must-Follow Personality

I probably wouldn’t be covering this as much, maybe a few lines or a paragraph would do, but since I was nominated by one of my clients I wanted to share this with you. Of course the rules are simple and you can nominate yourself and vote for yourself each day until 29th November. Well, I was nominated for Must-Follow Personality and I hope you will vote for me.

For those of you in the online industry I don’t have to explain how much the exposure a person or a brand can get from this can mean for your online business. I am clearly aware of that fact, which is why I have no problem with shamelessly promoting to vote for me.

So please, if you have the time vote for me for the Must-Follow Personality of the 2010 4th annual Mashable Awards. Again, you can vote every day until 29th November in each of the categories.

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9 Response to Online Presence – 4th Annual Mashable Awards

  1. lawmacs on November 5, 2010

    Congrats Zarko you have my vote and you are right the end results is great i do hope you make it to the finals

  2. Zarko on November 5, 2010

    Thank Gary, I really appreciate the support.

    Even running in the contest like this is a solid promotion, but entering the finals can mean hundreds of thousands of visits for a website, so if there is anyone you think should run for a certain category be sure to nominate him as soon as possible. The voting has just begun :)

  3. Zarko on November 5, 2010

    Hi Fran, you must have missed two links in the blog post, plu both images lead to the page where you can vote for me, which makes a total of 4 links in this post that will take you to the Mashable voting page for the Must Follow Personality with my name to vote for :)

    Thanks for the support

  4. Mark of Success on November 6, 2010

    Hi Zarko,

    This is an interesting challenge. To be honest, I’ve just begun knowing you and hence don’t know much about your personality. But I see from the attitude with which you are taking on the thanksgiving challenge on my site, and I can say that you are indeed a gem. It takes courage and commitment to take on something that you know you may not “succeed” at but would nevertheless lead to some benefits for self and also contribute in a big way to support someone in his initiative (I’m talking about you helping me with the gratitude list challenge).

    You just got my vote! (from my twitter account “mark_my_tweets”)

    By the way, it was a little confusing to me at first as I did not see your name there when I visited using your link. I think you should include a note above, letting readers know that they have to login at the top of the mashable site and allow mashable to access your twitter account (I don’t know how it is for facebook, but a note on that also would help the readers to vote for you).

    Keep up the spirit! I know you know that it is not all about the winning. Enjoy the journey!


  5. Zarko on November 6, 2010

    Hi Mark,

    I believe that trying something is a victory of it’s own. I may not succeed at it the first time, but I may learn a lot in the process. If we only went for things that we know we can succeed life would not make much sense and it would be pretty boring, not to mention the number of missed opportunities that would be behind us. I would rather fail an opportunity than miss one.

    Thanks for mentioning the fact about the login, I got that from one of my facebook followers as well, I will make a short note here in this post and on Facebook, hard to do that on twitter :)

  6. Mark of Success on November 8, 2010

    I think you have a perfect attitude there, Zarko! I have missed a lot of opportunities in my life for fear of not succeeding. It’s tough, no doubt, but I am doing my part to change in the right direction. These challenges that I do each month are a means of pushing me to go that extra mile, to do some things that I wouldn’t get started with if I don’t throw myself into the hot seat. I think going public with these challenges is a huge boost (to be read as “kick in the butt”) in moving forward.


  7. Zarko on November 8, 2010

    you are right about that, you place yourself in the hot seat but at the same time you get the support which may be crucial for your or mine success. Which is the exact same reason why I posted the challenge on my blog as well :)

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  9. Aswani on November 10, 2010

    Hi Zarko, I have voted for you. Hope you are happy now…cheers !!

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