How to Easily Increase Traffic & Rankings in SERP

There are several ways to increase your traffic and rankings in SERP, but there is one method I used on several of my niche blogs that seems to work great. The best part about it is that it is easy and free and it does work. Now this method of increasing your traffic and ranking in SERP may not get you the number one position, which all depends on your competition and previous optimization, but it will certainly increase your traffic and increase your ranking in SERP. It may be 10 spots up, it may be 100 spots up or it may catapult you, again, that all depends on your competition. So what is the method that will increase your traffic and rankings in SERP?

Blog post seriesTo put it simply and give it a name that would be Targeted Post Series. Most of you know what I am trying to say and already know where I am getting at, if you do then you probably know how that will impact your SEO efforts and how it helps you increase traffic and rankings in SERP.

Targeted posts series is a simple but effective concept, the idea is to come up with a keyword you wish to rank for and do a post series on it with a few LSI keywords. For this we will use an example “diabetes mellitus”. If you wish to rank for this keyword you need to write 4 or 5 posts. The first post should be something like “Introduction to Diabetes Mellitus” or “What is Diabetes Mellitus”. In the first post you always cover the basics, explain a few things and give openings for other posts in the future, like explaining the types of diabetes and treating diabetes.

So the structure of your posts would be:

1. Introduction to the topic
2. Explaining a specific part of that topic
3. Explaining a specific part of that topic
4. Explaining a specific part of that topic
5. Conclusion and what to do to achieve etc…

one post can create commotionThe 5 articles need to be published one after another with inner linking, the first one should point to the rest, and the rest should have a link or two pointing to each other.

What is important here is that we are building upon our main keyword, so with our main keyword being “diabetes mellitus” we are also targeting LSI keywords and long tail keywords like “Diabetes Mellitus Type 1”, “Treating Diabetes Meillitus” and so on.

This is a very basic concept that will ensure that you optimize your website for a single keyword and increase your traffic for that keyword and achieve higher rankings in SERP for the same. But your job doesn’t stop there, in order to maximize the potential of this method you have to do some off page linking and social media advertising. Link directly to those pages; never link to your home page unless you are building a specific niche blog that targets that main keyword. Basically, you should link to your landing page, whichever that is on your blog, but be sure to use the main keyword and from time to time use LSI keywords as your anchor text.

As you can see this is very easy and cost effective method of increasing your traffic and rankings in SERP. Like I said, I had great results from this on my niche blogs, the end result will depend on your overall optimization, competition and of course your off page efforts.

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21 Response to How to Easily Increase Traffic & Rankings in SERP

  1. Fran Aslam on October 11, 2010

    Hi Zarko:

    Thanks for the information on your post. It certainly is right and works too. I always do this for my articles that I submit to the directories. But of course it will do the same for the blog post. I think I am going to use this strategy next time. You know why I always have problem choosing the topic of my blog posts, so once I select the topic I will have to find a sub category only. Thank you very much for giving me an idea how to overcome my problem .

    Enjoy rest of the Sunday

    Fran Aslam

  2. Zarko on October 11, 2010

    Glad to be of assistance Fran. This is the very basic of getting your blog or website keyword focused and to get the search engines to rank you for that keyword. Simply choose your topic and than run 3 or 4 more sub posts that are closely related to your original blog post.

  3. Steve@Lifestyle Design on October 11, 2010


    Very good points. I do something very similar and it really does help greatly for SERP results. Your method is a really good blueprint for people who are willing to work to increase there articles.

    By putting in effort for 5 posts to help increase rank if people follow your method they will ensure that the effort is maximized.

  4. Zarko on October 11, 2010

    yes, and the funnies thing is that these are SEO basics that people tend to neglect, so even though you can find something similar on other SEO blogs people still don’t utilize this very simple but effective method of increasing their rankings in SERP.

  5. lawmacs on October 12, 2010

    This is a very simple but effective way and as you mentioned Zarko these are the basic of seo which we not just often but always over look ireally lijke this idea food for thoughts here

  6. Zarko on October 12, 2010

    Thanks Gary, it is not delicious food for thought , but my next post is surely going to make you think :)

  7. seattle seo &web design on October 19, 2010

    Great article and helpful tips. It’s nice to see that people still take the time to teach others by offering free advice and information. That’s what keeps ‘em coming back! :-)

  8. Zarko on October 19, 2010

    Agreed :) Well, Practical SEO blog is here to offer free advice, a sales pitch here and there, but very rare. I tend to give the community more than I take, so far, it seems that I am just giving, but that was the idea in the first place so I’m not complaining :)

    After all, I am feeling a great love from other bloggers at the moment, so that is a great thing in any book…

  9. Martin John Price@martinsonlinemoney on October 19, 2010

    This is an interesting article and one that I can now try to put into practice. I just replied to your comment over on my blog and asked what was going on with my alexa ranking going down! I’ll do this traffic ranking technique you mention and see what happens in the coming weeks. All the best, Martin

  10. Zarko on October 19, 2010

    Try it, I’m sure you can certainly benefit from a simple SEO technique like this.

    I replied over to your blog about the Alexa ranking, hope it helps.

  11. Javin Paul on October 27, 2010

    Excellent stuff man with very simple wording and it looks this exactly fits in my scenario.
    I am writing blog on some of technical topics and I feel by restructuring my tibco tutorial blog.

    though I have one question I am labeling my blog under a topic say tibco , So should I use that page as link or individual posts i.e. tibco tutorial part 1.

    Please suggest .

  12. Zarko on October 27, 2010

    Hi Javin,

    I’m not sure I understand your question!

    If you could word it a bit better, I’m really not sure what you men when you say “should I use that page as link or individual posts”. What page?

  13. Mark of Success on November 3, 2010

    Hi Zarko,

    You have a nice blog here. Keep up the good work!

    Regarding what you have mentioned in this post, I would say it’s certainly a very powerful technique. I have been planning on a series of posts, and I think I will keep this in mind.

    I see that you mentioned, in one of your comments above, that it is funny that people do not follow these basic concepts. I believe it is because most people try to find out complicated ways of getting there, and in all the overload of information, forget to take care of the basic things.

    Nice post, and thanks for the reminder. Like I said, I’ll keep this in mind for my upcoming series.

    I’ll see you around…


  14. Zarko on November 3, 2010

    Hi Mark, you are right, people tend to focus on complicated things as they are lead to believe by marketers that his is what works, while the very basics are skipped.

    You can check out Steve’s blog and his post about minimalist blogging, it’s great and it emphasizes the importance of having the simplicity in your work and your methods and the success of it!

  15. Mark of Success on November 5, 2010

    Yes Zarko, I’m a regular reader of Steve’s blog. I think minimalism is great. Some people have really changed their lives with that concept. I first came across it through some blogs, and then quickly went on to realize that there are quite a lot of them that deal with the topic. In this age of information overload, it’s so true that simple solutions are the best and most practical.

    By the way, thanks for dropping by my site the other day. I was glad to know that you would like to participate in this month’s challenge. Well, the challenge begins today and ends on Thanksgiving day (how apt!). The details are on my latest post, so do check it out. I look forward to your participation. Let’s help each other succeed :-)


  16. Zarko on November 5, 2010

    I’m always glad to participate with other bloggers :) Give and you shall receive!

    And yeah, minimalism is a great concept, but even though it’s based on simplicity I find it hard to follow sometimes as I’m used to doing thing the hard way! I wish I could do everything based on it, but hey, nobody is perfect!

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  21. harrist on December 11, 2011

    Nice info bro! ;) especially if we use blogspot or any web 2,0 as link bait, I am sure it will bost your traffics almost instantly !

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