How to Create a Website Worthy of Traffic

The question that everyone in the online industry has is how to rank number one in the search engines? Every single person with a website knows something about SEO, and some people pay great amounts of money for people like me to do SEO for their site. The fact is that not every website can be numero uno in the search engines. The reason why? Simple, not all websites deserve to be number one, the first thing a website needs in order to rank well in the search engines is quality content, basically, a website worthy of traffic.

A website that is currently number one in a certain field is not there just because of SEO, it is there because it has something of value to offer. If that wasn’t a fact than the site wouldn’t be number one for a long time and the most important thing is that such website can never keep onto its visitors, and that is what we all want. Ranking high in search engines is just a means to an end, end being plenty of visitors.

Website Worthy of Traffic

Website Worthy of Traffic

The basic idea behind getting and keeping a large number of visitors to your website is usability. Usability is the simplicity of your website, easier to use, but at the same time attractive, website will always be in front of the competition. The idea is to make your site user friendly, providing the best experience for your visitors through the following:

-    Organization and informational architecture is number one. The more your website is arranged by hierarchy the easier is for your visitors to find information they are looking for. The hierarchy on your website needs to be intuitive and simple, a complex hierarchy will only confuse a user and it will make it hard for the visitor to find what he is looking for, which is a big minus for you and your website.

-    Although some will argue that design is one of the last things you need to attend to I will strongly disagree. The layout and graphical elements of a website are directly related to the usability of a website. Visibility and contrast of the website, along with fonts and colors directly influence how usable the site is. No one wants to go blind trying to read the letter on your page. If you put your navigation and advertisement on your website in the same place it will look unprofessional. Separating important aspects of a page is crucial for visitors to understand the content of the page. The basic rule of website design is to make all of the important elements of the website, like logo, menu, layout and colors, the same throughout the entire website. Consistency is always a good thing and users like that. Just imagine how hard it would be for a visitor to navigate through your website if the navigation was different on every page!

-    A very significant, in fact critical part of the website usability is navigation.  Good navigation needs to guide users through both top and deep level pages with ease. You have to realize that navigation is the primary function of a website, without it no one can access your site’s content, so you should realize how important a good and easy to use navigation really is.

-    Another thing you need to keep in mind is the functionality of your site and optimization for multiple browser platforms. You have to make sure that every script, every anchor link works, nothing should be broken as that represent a minus for both visitors and search engines. You have to make sure that your site is visible in every popular browser, Firefox, Opera, Internet explorer and Google Chrome, that way everyone can have a great experience when visiting your website.

-    The last, but one of the most important things of the site’s usability, is your content. We mentioned that content is king and that without quality content you can never get and keep the number one spot in search engines. But people tend to forget that content also needs to be usable and that is often overlooked. What do I mean by usability of the content, well it’s simple, the headline, subheadings, accuracy and quality of the content all make the content easy to read and easy to navigate through making it more likely for visitors to like your website and come again and also to gain links back to your website. No one wants to neither read nor link to a website whose content is hard to go through and one that can’t be understood.

Creating a solid usability is basically providing easy access and comfortable experience for your visitors. If you succeed in this task you will gain higher conversion rates, more links from other websites, and a great relation with your visitors that will gladly come back to your website. I know people are coming back to Practical SEO over and over again, and the reason for that is because I fulfilled all of the things mentioned in this article. Another thing that keeps visitors coming back is that I always promise something new and I always deliver, so keep tuned for the next part in the SEO basics titled High Quality Content, You Must Have It.

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16 Response to How to Create a Website Worthy of Traffic

  1. Roshan on August 1, 2010

    Hello, I have started a small blogging website to make money…I am a college student…As i need to pay the tution fee, i have enabled adsense revenue sharing in my website. How to get more members and how to make members write articles…
    My website is
    Please reply…

  2. admin on August 1, 2010

    hi Roshan, the first thing you need to do is publish a press release on several PR sites to get the word out, and that will also boost your rank a few spots. PR is important so don’t skip it, after that you need to promote your site, I already registered and if I like what I see i will recommend it to others.

    For promotion you should create a user on several social media sites like Digg, Twitter, Facebook etc, using the name of your website as the username so you can directly get fans to join your website.

    Also do article marketing a bit, but i suggest also media sites like HubPages, gather and Squidoo because there are people that are looking for article and blog sites so you can easily get plenty of new users there.

    If you want to know more or wish to hire our services you can contact as at

  3. Tia@web content strategy on September 2, 2010

    Hey Zarko – This post couldn’t possibly be any better written. So thorough, and the point you are making about the reasons behind the desire to be ranked highly are so key and I hope they do not get missed.

    Sometimes, the chase is so intense that people forget what they are chasing. I always try to get to the bottom of what clients are looking for before determining a strategy. Plus, it’s the age-old problem of marketing in general, which is that marketing can get people to wherever you want them to go, but the business practices have to be sound enough to actually make the sale.

    SEO could bring traffic to a site, but the site had better be worth the trip if anything is going to come of it, or like you said, if it is to remain so highly ranked.

    Cheers, Zarko.

    – Tia

    P.S. We are following each other on Twitter (I am @bizchickblogs) and the link I am using now is to a new site that’s not even 100% complete yet (but is getting there). Always thinking ahead!

  4. Zarko on September 3, 2010

    You are absolutely right Tia :)

    PS. Glad you found my blog and I glad we follow each other on Twitter, and I don’t mind if the site is not complete, it will be soon, so be sure to notify me when you get some content up :)

  5. Vernon on November 1, 2010

    I think you are spot on, Zarko. There is so much talk about SEO, and so many blogs seem to be in a hurry to post daily that people forget that the most important thing is that your website is usable to those who visit. It is concerning how popular ideas like auto-blogging is becoming.

    I’m not sure what you mean by “The more your website is arranged by hierarchy “. What Hierarchy?

  6. Zarko on November 1, 2010

    Hi Vernon, thank for the comment. Auto-blogging is a disease that cannot get you profit as well as a personal blog with unique quality content, but hey, leave that to the auto-bloggers to figure it out on their own :)

    As for the “arranged by hierarchy”, simple web-design talk :) It means simplified navigation hierarchy, you like steps. The first step or the top of the pyramid is your domain, the next step under the pyramid top are the pages organized by topics. Under those pages you may have sub-pages or posts… I think you get it, it’s easy to create a wordpress blog arranged like that, but you wouldn’t believe how many web-owners make the mistake of creating irrelevant categories and pages. I have seen blogs with 100 categories, there is no use for that!

  7. Jessica on January 5, 2011

    I totally agree your reply to Roshan..
    Hubpages & squidoo will not accept plagiarism and everybody knows that and switching the content helps in PR ? If so those 2 sites will accept ? Also..posting number of replies to forums with signature will bring good number of visitors ? I’m a beginner in SEO and I think your comment would help me.

  8. Zarko on January 5, 2011

    Not sure what you mean with switching to content? But, when I say PR in my comment I mean Press Releases, not Page Rank…

    as for forums, yeah, if you provide a useful post or a reply in forums with something smart to say and you establish yourself as a thought leader in the forums then yes, you will get visitors from the signature links.

  9. Conroy @ Web Designer on January 25, 2011

    Very Very Informative Post Zarko, I have Read all these Point In fact I am Using all these Points on my Website. These Points are Really very Helpful, But I cant Got your First Point about Hierarchy, What sort of Hierarchy you are talking About ?

  10. Web Design Company on January 26, 2011

    Hi Zarko, Very Helpful and Informative Post, I have a Question, I have Daily Traffic of About 400 to 500 Visitors and about 50 of them accelerate towards Contact Us page But my Lead Generation Ratio is Too Low :( How to Increase it, Suggestion please …

  11. Smith Will on May 13, 2011

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  12. Seoxcell on June 1, 2011

    Informative post, I like it. I want to suggest one effective point that is “Content of Website”. Content of a website should be relevant & effective so that reader don’t bounce back from website & that creates good credit in Search Engines. Thanks.

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  15. What is SEO - Practical SEO Blog on November 9, 2011

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  16. Felicia @ No Deposit Poker on May 20, 2012

    Hi Zarko,
    I actually haven’t used the link wheel as well as link farms for some time now. Ever since the panda update, I didn’t really want to get penalized by Google so I just started writing more unique and engaging articles both for my blogs and for guest postings. Even if my main money site is no longer on page one, at the very least, it doesn’t leave page two. What’s important is that my sites are not penalized in using link wheel tactics.

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