High Quality Content, You Must Have It

Why do you need to have high quality content? As we said in the previous part, sometimes it is not so hard to rank as number one, but it is very hard to keep that rank. Also, it may be somewhat easy to rank as number one, but only if you have less competition. So besides building backlinks and doing off page SEO, you need to do on-page SEO. And on-page SEO is more than just optimized keywords and easy navigation with do follow links across your site. 50% of the on-page SEO is content, high quality content is what will make your site better than others. High quality content is what will make Google and other search engines place you before other sites.

But, you are not building a site with high quality content for search engines; you are building it for your users, your visitors. But that is the same, by making your content good you will ensure that the visitors like your site and as such the links will come in. And that is when search engines think that your site has relevant and high quality content and as such they will give your site a proper rank.

Practical SEO Success

Practical SEO Success

There is one issue with high quality content, the best content in one niche can be a total disaster compared to some other niche. There are no guidelines and rules that specify exactly what high quality content really is, like with design for instance. To know what kind of content you must have you need to investigate the competition and of course there are some universal guidelines that you need to follow, so let’s go over those.

The first thing you need to do is research your field, your niche. The best way to address the needs of your market is to provide direct and simple answers to the most sought out questions. And how will you do that, by research of course, and the best and easiest way to do that research is to join a forum in your niche and look for the most active topics and most asked questions. If you see that thousands of people are asking what Mickey Mouse looks like, make a page showing his picture with big letters, THIS IS MICKEY MOUSE. I think you get the idea, find the issue that is wanted and address it in a direct and simple manner.

The second step is to get someone to back you up. You might think that this is hard but in reality it isn’t. All you need is one so called expert in your field or a known name in that field that will provide simple insight, a short article or something like that. If you can’t do that then ensure that your site has a few quotes from those experts, which will get your content authenticated and seen as respectable by both visitors and search engines.

Next step you have to follow is creating a one stop shop. That means that your pages need to be to the point, to that matter that a visitor will find everything he needs in one place. If you are just starting out, the best idea would be to market a specific subject and provide all of the needed information on that subject. Going to broad and having multiple niches on one site can be confusing at first and it is harder for you to maintain such a site.

After that you have to add a touch of yourself, a unique touch that can’t be found anywhere else on the web. This is the part that causes the most trouble for everyone. Gathering info from other sites and creating your content from that is great, but if you want to be number one you need to have something that nobody else does. So think about it long and hard and come up with something that will add that extra touch to your high quality content.

One thing that makes search engines like your content very much is non profit content. If you make an article with several links pointing to a product and there are advertisements around your product, the search engines will see that as affiliate advertising and they will not like what they see. On the other hand if you write a quality article with no links at all, or link to other non commercial pages or sites, the search engines will like what they see. Remember this part as it is very important. You can’t expect that an advertising article will be seen as more important than an article that gives advice without asking for anything in return.

For the last guideline I will use Practical SEO as an example. It is much better to have a smaller number of pages, each addressing a certain issue to the core than having hundreds of relevant pages that need to be put together to get what you have on one article found here at Practical SEO. Better create a page that has 1000 words and explain everything than creating ten 200-300 word pages that are simply classified as relevant. In fact 100 of those pages cannot amount to one good quality page that says it all. By creating a single page of high standard you can be sure that over time that page will become the so called “industry standard” and other sites will refer to it, and that is what we want. That is when you are sure that you have high quality content.

This explains everything you need to know about high quality content; our next stop is getting links to your site or in other words utilizing the power of Linkbait, so look for Creating Link Bait article on Practical SEO in the next few days.

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2 Response to High Quality Content, You Must Have It

  1. Mark Person on May 30, 2011

    Great Post! High Quality content is really a very important element in promoting site and increasing traffic. I have been reading blogs and it is a good way to promote something in the web!

  2. George@Hifu on June 3, 2011

    High quality content will always rule, we cannot deny the fact that SEO works is a must but if I were to extract nothing from a high PR site I’d rather never visit that kind of site again. It is important to get the blog noticed first but ultimately its the content the readers want. As you’ve laid down Zarko, a high quality content may also mean other things as well and not just the information.

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