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Website Monetization Advice | Practical SEO

Website Monetization Can be Good for SEO

Website monetization can be good for SEO… You probably think I’m talking nonsense, but you will change your mind by the end of the article. We already talked about basic types of website monetization, so you should have a clear idea of what monetization is and how to implement it. If you are new just […]

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5 Easy Ways to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Blog

If you are new to online business you are probably thinking that you need more traffic to succeed, but the fact is that in order to succeed, you need targeted traffic. Targeted traffic and targeted visitors are more likely to buy something, subscribe to your newsletter or opt in for any type of service you […]

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Top 10 Excuses People Make Because They are Afraid of Running Their Own Business

I have to admit that I am outraged by the stupidity and cowardice of some people. I mean there are guys that don’t have a job, don’t have any income, but they still manage to spend hundreds of dollars on useless crap, and when you think about it, a few hundred dollars is more than […]

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Adsense Positioning – How to Increase Adsense Revenue

Most of what I will be describing here is based on my experience with adsense and what worked for me and why. In most parts it matches with what you may find in other adsense tutorials about adsense positioning simply because 90% of the users think alike and act in the same fashion, so the […]

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Google Adsense & Adsense Monetization – Introduction

Anyone who has been in online business for more than a month knows about Google Adsense as one of the ways to earn money from their blog, website or revenue sharing websites. In fact, most of the people online monetize their websites and blogs with Google Adsense, so is Adsense so great, and is it […]

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