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Link Building Tutorials -

The Pros and Cons of DIY Link Building

Although SEO also consists of content optimisation, meta data manipulation and various other tricks and techniques, link building is arguably the most important aspect of modern-day search engine optimisation. Link building is of course a benefit from the users’ point of view, as many people spend hours trawling through sites, blogs and forums looking for […]

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Link Building Tip #6 – 20 Link Building Mistakes to Avoid

We all make mistakes, what is important is how we react upon learning of those mistakes, do we embrace them, try to correct them and learn from them or keep going at it thinking that we know the best. As SEOs we have to adapt to the changes, and the techniques we used a year […]

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Link Building Tip #5 – Find Link Opportunities through Internet Superstars

If we were to line up Eric Ward, Jim Boykin and maybe Rand Fishkin and Dejan Petrovic in one room and force them to tell us all of their link building ideas, tips and tricks they’ve used to find new link opportunities, we would have a brain overload with the sheer number of ides. Not […]

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Link Building Tip #4 – Competitor Link Analysis & Acquisition

Competitive link analysis is a great way to understand what needs to be done to rank right up there with the top sites in your market and create a link building strategy of your own. By engaging in competitor link analysis you will be able to understand what types of links you need and what […]

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Link Building Tip #3 – Link Consolidation

Starting each link building campaign relies on several standard practices, like checking competitor links, broken links, pursuing obvious link opportunities and also doing link consolidation. Now before we get any further, I am not talking about so called page rank sculpting, I am talking about getting the most out of your existing links in order […]

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