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Freelancing & Outsourcing Advice | Practical SEO

What is SVN Repository, Outsourcing with SVN Repository

Let’s get technical and talk about SVN repositories and subversion repositories. OK, so far we covered the basics of SEO, article marketing and what not, but recently my attention was directed to some hardships of companies when outsourcing a project, especially with web design and web development in general. I was asked by a certain […]

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Outsourcing a Project, How to Find a Good Freelancer

Outsourcing is a new wave of doing business, not only because something you simply cannot do, but it is becoming more affordable to outsource something every day. Let’s take owning a website as an example, it’s just like running any other business, do you know everything there is to know about your website? Can you […]

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Starting as a Freelancer, Find Freelancing Jobs

There are too many people looking to make some bucks online but they fail to see the truth that is blinding, there is no money if you don’t work for it. The easiest way to earn money online is by offering freelancing services. I said the easiest, while this is the one honest method online […]

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