Article Marketing, Build Hundreds of Powerful Links! Yeah Right…

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a spam mail in my inbox with the title Article Marketing, so I was a bit surprised there are still ignorant sobs that are preaching about it. Due to my surprise I decided to open it and see the hail of valuable information that such a mail usually contains, honestly, I was really curios to see if anything has changed in their methodology and habits, I must say I was disappointed more than I expected.

“How would you like hundreds of permanent links pointing to your site…all from informative articles written on the behalf of your business?”

We’ve all seen the extent of that recently. What this, how they call themselves, team of marketing gurus that have been around the “Internet SEO block” is suggesting is writing ten 300 word copies spun to an a amazing number and submitted to a mass of crappy, never heard of, low level, low quality article directories, that will skyrocket your website into the top of search engines, and for what a price, these guys are not even thieves, they charge more like lawyers. Anyway, your rankings will skyrocket, so high that the fall is going to hurt you so bad that you will practically be dead for a long time if you ever decide to climb up from the hole you just got yourself into.

Don’t get me wrong, it is one thing to write a quality post that will be useful to a reader and post it on a visible article directory, if it has quality it will add some link juice, no doubt about it, especially if you boost it up with some links and social mentions, but going for the old school article marketing that these guys are promoting is just ridiculous. The first thing I did was check their rankings and their backlink profile, needless to say that both suck big time.

Their rankings are gone, they experienced the same thing most content dumping websites did, they lost ranks as well as page rank. Their moz rank is around 7, and their PR is 2, and Rand clearly stated that they don’t have as good spam filters as they like, so their rank can fail to catch those low level crappy content links. Their backlink profile… what can I say, bunch of article links as well as script generated pages with no meaning whatsoever, just a pointless waste of words with some links on it, and people pay hundreds of dollars a month for their services? C’mon guys, snap out of it, the second you hear someone say article marketing you should run and hide your wallet.

article marketing scamsMaybe I’m being too aggressive, maybe the reason they have a 15 year old domain with PR2 is because they like it that way (yeah right), I just don’t think there is room in today’s SEO for self proclaimed gurus that cling to the old methods and rob people of their money.

What is your experience with posting articles on article directories since Panda, and article marketing if anyone tried anything similar recently? Please post your experiences in the comments, we would like to hear what you think.



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13 Response to Article Marketing, Build Hundreds of Powerful Links! Yeah Right…

  1. KyleAlm@InternetMarketing on August 9, 2011

    I got a good laugh from this post thanks! I get those emails too, in fact I got one from Market Samurai advertising their new spinner/submitter. I didn’t think that anyone really used article marketing like that any more.

  2. Mark @ TheBitBot SEM Blog on August 10, 2011

    I own four article directories and I haven’t article marketed since Panda…what does that tell you…but the’re great for driving traffic and advertising to article marketers …;)

    Article marketing still holds a little juice in terms of relevancy, but there is no PR to be had from it.

    I have moved on to other things since then that are working better for me in terms of ranking…some of them I just stumbled across…;)


  3. Noel Addison@Web Development Ventura on August 10, 2011

    What I noticed about the techniques of most “self-proclaimed-team-of-marketing-gurus” is the methodologies that they do today is just the same with the obsolete strategy that they’ve done many years ago.

  4. Cool Websites on August 10, 2011

    I’m new with SEO, and so I’m trying to study as many SEO courses as I can, and many of them are counting Article Marketing as one of the strategies to build links. Some are recommending to go for article spinners and mass submission, but I never felt comfortable about it. My opinion is that a few quality articles in top directories, backed up with a few links to them can do wonders. The main advantage here is that you can get contextual links that are relevant to the theme of your site, and this type of links are great.

    PS. Glad to find an IM from Serbia, never seen one from former Yugoslavia before =P

  5. Dan on August 10, 2011

    I’ve had more luck creating quality articles and posting them on Web2.0 sites (Squidoo as the best example) than I’ve had with junky article directories. You’re money and efforts are better spent elsewhere. If you are doing SEO and like to write content, consider guest blogging on related blogs – it helps build links, relationships with Webmasters, and can drive traffic/new followers to your own website.

  6. Zarko on August 11, 2011

    Hi Davidson,

    the income will depend on your market, quality of your content/product/services, but to get the visibility needed for that income you will need to promote your website. You can read about link building here on Practical SEO, and also about using social media, but to sum it up for a 6-8 month long campaign…

    1. Create compelling landing pages – choose keyword variants for each (primary and secondary keywords)
    2. Start with brand name link building towards your homepage (directories, profiles, business websites, communities, comments)
    3. In the meanwhile start up your social media profiles and engage with people from your market, also continue networking with bloggers from your market for further connection
    4. Start guest posting (works better if you have a blog)
    5. Ask for links, or promote you quality content
    6. Find associations, businesses for partnership
    7. If you have a budget do some premium directories, donations, charity (get some nice .edu and .gov site links)
    8. Exchange a few highly relevant links
    9. Create free ebooks, plugins, offers, contest, promotions or anything that would get people interested and link back to you (one of the best ways to get links and some buzz going)
    10. Create presentations, slides, videos and compelling images that you can post on various media sites with links and attribution

    And you can always scan some competitors and see where they got their backlinks, hope this helps

  7. Raptorak@Rift Guides on August 12, 2011

    To the first comment, article spinners are the stupidest thing I’ve seen so far. You can easily tell what sites use them because they don’t even make sense. They pretty much just scramble words or mix up sentences in ways that don’t even match.

    @ Zarko, I’m glad you’re working to open people’s eyes as to the truth behind these “article marketers.” Hopefully people take your advice and avoid them.

  8. Richard@Howe and Associates on August 12, 2011

    Zarko, thanks for the great tips and for creating more awareness of the many scammers that exist in SEO land. I’ve come across quite a few of them offering the moon but not delivering much at all.

  9. Anna on August 14, 2011

    I use very rarely as in fact I see no point at all in article directories and article marketing. It is better to fill in your site with good content or to write some excellent posts in your blog and to add some links.

  10. Johnny Cetnic on August 15, 2011

    I guess you guys don’t know how to use article marketing effectively? Yes you don’t get any page rank passed on but rankings is all that matters. Just using one spun article I am able to rank for medium competition keywords plus a whole lot of long tail keywords…

    You guys can keep on paying for links and get average results when I’m getting thousands of visitors to my site monthly.

  11. Zarko on August 15, 2011

    @Johnny Cetnic, hmm, with 650+ linking domains, of which less than 100 are article directories you are going to say that you get your traffic from spun articles… I don’t think so, check your analytics, your PR5 certainly didn’t come from those articles, rankings as well, especially since panda…

    PS. check to see how many of the links from one spun article does Google acknowledge, you will get the gist of what we are saying…

  12. Johnny Cetnic on August 16, 2011

    Zarko what tool are you using to see the links? a lot of these links don’t show up in tools like yahoo site explorer or Majestic but I can see them in Google webmaster tools.

    But yes, I like to keep my links diversified not only from article directories that has worked best for me.

    In Google type in – Rajkumar Jonnala Adrenalin – and look at how many results you see (10,000+). There is alot more then 100 article directory links pointing to my site and they are only the links with that alias in the author name, I have plenty more names I use for my articles…

  13. Zarko on August 16, 2011

    @Johnny, I use OpenSiteExplorer PRO, so I basically saw your link profile as it is, in combination with other tools like a pro majestic account everything is clear.

    Even if those articles show in Google, that just means they are indexed, what makes you believe they pass link juice or have any ranking influence on your pages, when I did a search for your name I found more exact duplicates of the articles then spun ones, those have no influence on your rankings whatsoever… go over to SEOmoz and read a few lines regarding panda and article directories, I think you will see that you need a change of tactics, asap…

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