Blog topic research is not a rocket science and everyone can do it. First of all let me say that you can go with a trial and error routine. If you have a hosting account all you need for the blog topic trial and error research is $10, that is how much a domain costs. Have an idea, look a domain name and start blogging. After a few months you will know if you are on the right track or not. I mean most of the time I just go with my passion, although I do proper research, but many people have started a blog out of passion and succeeded, as that is the most important thing you need for a blog, passion.

blog topic researchWell, if you are still not sure about it we will go over a few important but easy steps of blog topic research and how to start your WordPress blog. First of all you need a topic, which is something I can’t help you with, you have to think of one yourself. But once you find a topic we get down to research.

The first thing you need to research is if the topic is profitable. Again, this is just for people that wish to make some income while blogging, if you want to blog because you like blogging go for it, you can get back to this part later, although I would recommend giving it a read.

How do we research if a topic is profitable? Well for one you can try looking at the number of websites in that niche, if it is high that is the first sign that there is something to it, but this is not enough to put our money on. So the next step is keyword research.

Our topic is our main keyword, so look up that keyword in Google Adwords Keyword Tool and look up Traffic Estimator as well. You can also try WordTracker and SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool. So do we see some money in this topic or not? If the cost of adwords is medium or high you got yourself a nice topic to cover.

You also need to monitor the competition levels. I know everyone will say go for the least competitive market, but the guys that are saying that are just copying things being said in 2006, every market is competitive now, some more, some less. Whatever topic you choose to cover there will be thousand of blogs covering it, so don’t think too much of it. If you have passion and research your topic and provide quality and useful content for your readers you can beat any competition.

Moment on this please! Don’t think that you can find an untapped market. An untapped market usually means that there is no money to be made there, well, if you get lucky let me know. Also, if you are afraid of competition then don’t start a blog, if you want a business without competition then invent a time machine.

topic researchBe sure that the topic is something you are interested in, if not there is a high chance that you will get bored with it after a few months, and we can’t let that happen. To copy Brian from i-blogger and his blog post “are you a blogger or just another person with a blog”?

All in all your blog topic will do much better if it is something you love, something you are passionate about and something you have a great deal of knowledge of. But with all that you will still need to do some research and come up with new ideas and different angles.

This is a short post on how to start a WordPress blog and how to do blog topic research. This is a simplified version for people that have a passion, if you want to start a blog without a passion but feel that you have the commitment to see it through the end I suggest finding a more detailed tutorial on how to do a blog topic research or wait until I write one!