Bin Laden Posts Terrorise Facebook

Guest Post: Andrew Parker is a freelance journalist and copywriter for Intaforensics on the topics of online security, social media and computer forensics


Newspapers (and their modern online versions – this is the 21st century) are rammed full of information about a certain individual. Yes, you are correct…I, of course, mean the killing of mass-murdering terrorist Osama Bin Laden.

osama bin laden virus facebook
The entire world rejoices in the euphoric “good over evil” victory? Well, kinda. But the world seems more interested in doubting the words of an American president about the killing…but after such classic fibs as “I did not have sex with that woman” and “There will be no white wash in the White House” by previous leaders, can you blame us for being a wee bit sceptical?

Firstly, I think Osama is dead. But a photograph of the dead body is required by some “conspirators” – as they can sense that some things don’t add up, which has not been aided by the official line being changed and the lack of any evidence being shown to the worldwide audience. However, this is not a post to “pick holes” in the aftermath of how the news was reported, but as a warning that spammers are using this desire for “proof” as a way of causing you guys to download malware onto your computers!

The lack of official photos or videos of Bin Laden’s body has been exploited by hackers – as Facebook and inboxes have become awash with links that claim to show the body of Bin Laden, but are in fact carrying malware virus which is activated once the links has been clicked or a form is filled in.

Videos have sprung up all over Facebook, such as ‘SHOCKING NEW video of OSAMA BIN LADENS DEATH!! Exclusive BANNED VDEIO footage of Osama Bin Laden being killed!!!’ and Osama bin Laden Killed (LIVE VIDEO)’ clicking on these will either cause this to be shared on your Facebook account or being asked to fill in a survey to make money for the scammers and…yes…you guessed it…without actually seeing a video.

These claims of photographic evidence are also being sent via email, which supposedly contains bin Laden photos. Opening the attached compressed “images” will result in avirus being unleashed onto your system that monitors your online banking details to be monitored and even result in your bank passwords being compromised.

Facebook scams can be easily spotted if you hover over the image and see if the web address relates to what is being advertised in the actual post. If it is a site that you have never heard of – do not click.

Due to America announcing that the Bin Laden photographs will not be released, they are certainly not going to be available on social media etc! If there did happen to be a Twitpic or YouTube fanatic at the scene and the images manage to surface online, then the media will be VERY fast to show them!

  1. Personally i support administration’s decision not to release pics or videos of dead Osama and its good dat there was not “Twitpic or YouTube fanatic” at the scene… Still hackers are thriving on rest of the world’s eagerness to see d proof of The World’s Most Wanted Man’s death…

  2. Every thing that happens may it be disaster or something good there will always be people trying to make money from it so let the conspiracy theory begin i for one does not matter if the story is true or flase life goes on.

  3. I kind of saw this one coming. When I first saw some faked photos of Bin Laden online, I just knew someone would put ’em at facebook and make it spread like the plague.

    However, this is not just a bad thing. If the person is actually making money by doing this — it’s just smart! 😉

  4. I think the blackhat community, and spammers in general, are acutely aware of the kind of content that will drive traffic and conversions for their schemes. The Osama picture/video scam is just a drop in the bucket.

    I have to disagree with Nabil though…prospering off of someone’s death or through scammy content related to their death, regardless of their wrong-doings, isn’t something I can consider positive.

  5. I don’t approve of this kind of scheme on Facebook as well. If the US government did not release any pictures of Bin Laden, then it will not be available anywhere. It really was annoying to see that link on FB over and over again during the time news of Bin Laden’s death was still fresh and the hottest topic on the worldwide news.

  6. Hey Zarko,
    Nice information.I will make sure that I never click that type of link again.I think US govt. should release the pics of bin laden once for all that will surely apart from answering many question about his death will also stop these type of scams as people will get it from the official source.

  7. Hi Zarko,
    I remember the time when it was shocking and great news for the whole world when it came out that Bin Laden was dead. I’ve seen the very link on FB, and many of my friends have unsuspectingly clicked on it and their account had been spreading it like wildfire to everyone on their friend list – to the point that some have written on their statuses that they are not the one posting them to everyone’s walls. Glad I didn’t click on that. 🙂

  8. Thanks for the information, Zarko. The euphoria of the Osama bin Laden death could be used by people for scamming in Facebook. I think maybe people curious about his death, so it’s used by people for bad purposes.

  9. Zarko,
    I heard about this virus and saw the pic everywhere. I don’t know anyone who fell for it but I ams sure there were a few. AS for questioning the president, I question why he would honor their religious beliefs by disposing of the body into the ocean like that, seriously he wasn’t expecting people to want proof. Either way thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. The news really spread like a wildfire. But I also doubted it. Who knows exactly what happened? I mean, we are not there and the only proof they are offering to us is just some photos of Bin Laden’s face. Photos can be edited.